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Spooky costumes, games and DEVILS at Australia Zoo this Halloween!

21 October 2014

Australia Zoo is gearing up for a spooktacular event this Halloween - celebrating with games, competitions and our always-in-costume characters, our DEVILS! But they aren’t the scary kind, despite their spooky calls and their sharp teeth. In...

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Terri Irwin has been recognised as a finalist for the 2015 Australian of the Year awards for Queensland.

Terri Irwin thrilled to be announced as 2015 Queensland Australian of the Year finalist!

14 October 2014

Wildlife Warrior Terri Irwin has joined Adam Scott, Hetty Johnson and Johnathan Thurston as Queensland finalists for the 2015 Australian of the Year award. The four contenders from different walks of life have equally been recognised for their...

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Australia Zoo's Khaki Kritters will take part in the Brisbane Relay for Life!

Animal antics from Australia Zoo for Brisbane’s Relay for Life!

7 October 2014

Australia Zoo's crocodiles, cheetahs and koalas will step it out at the RNA showgrounds on the weekend of October 25-26 for Brisbane's Relay for Life. OK, well maybe not the real animals, but staff from Australia Zoo will don their animal one-sies...

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JT the joey with his mum Willow.

Justin Timberlake’s Australia Zoo adventure topped-off with a koala joey named JT!

30 September 2014

Justin Timberlake’s visit to Australia Zoo only lasted a day, but we’ll keep a piece of him here forever in the form of JT the 10 month-old koala joey. We thought it only fitting to name our friendliest new addition to the koala family...

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Australia Zoo goes ‘Carnival’ for the release of Rio 2!

23 September 2014

Home to our very own beautiful blue and gold macaws from South America, Australia Zoo will come alive on October 4 for the release of Rio 2, holding a colourful, Carnival party! Just like the plot of Rio 2 where main characters Nico and Pedro join...

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Drogo the koala is a current patient in the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Trauma season strikes our Aussie wildlife

16 September 2014

Spring is upon us and as the weather warms, breeding wildlife on the move become vulnerable to the booming holiday season. This leads to the busiest and most confronting time of the year at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, known as trauma...

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Spring into Australia Zoo to see Tulip and Lily our baby giraffe, these school holidays!

9 September 2014

We have not one, but two exciting extras on display these School holidays - our brand new female baby giraffe calves! And the best news? Now they both have a name! Beautiful Tulip and her half-sister Lily will venture out on the African Savannah...

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Some of the croc team jump on Gogo, an 8 ft 1/2 in female crocodile.

Australia Zoo staff jump into a new year of croc research!

2 September 2014

Australia Zoo staff and the Irwin family have made it to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, jumping straight into croc research and onto some crocs! Joined by Professor Craig Franklin and his team from the University of Queensland, Australia...

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Hunter and Clarence turned one year old on Friday.

Tiger twins celebrate their first birthday with a piñata party!

26 August 2014

Sumatran Tiger twins, Hunter and Clarence, celebrated their first birthday at Australia Zoo last Friday, with piñatas and special guests including Big Brother’s Tim Dormer. The cubs - also affectionately known as Spot and Stripe, their...

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Zoom in to Australia Zoo for the ultimate Father’s Day!

19 August 2014

Struggling for Father’s Day ideas to impress dad and keep the kids happy? Well we think we might have you covered this year – with September 6 and 7 providing two action-packed days of motorsport displays, live entertainment, and...

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