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Peta the koala begins physiotherapy!

26 April 2016

At just one and a half years old, Peta the koala was brought to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for specialist treatment when she sustained multiple fractures, including her leg, pelvis, radius and ulna after being hit by a car and is now...

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Australia Zoo’s first koala joey makes his debut!

19 April 2016

In the past week, one of Australia Zoo’s newest explorers has poked his head out of the pouch to look at the world for the first time! This new koala joey is the first of a group of joeys born on Koala Island as part of Australia Zoo’s...

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Australia Zoo's tiger cub names announced with a big surprise!

13 April 2016

Earlier this week, Bindi Irwin and head of Australia Zoo’s Big Cats department, Geoff Neubecker introduced Scout and Delilah, Australia Zoo’s newly named male and female tiger cubs to the world! These are the second pair of cubs born at...

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Australia Zoo's newest additions are ready to explore their playpen!

5 April 2016

Starting the 7th of April, our two new tiger cubs will be on display to the public at various times throughout the day! Now at just over two months old, their personalities have started shining through and it’s clear that they are ready to...

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Take on Australia Zoo's fossil hunt challenge to win a ripper pre-historic prize!

31 March 2016

Australia Zoo needs your help to find the fossils that are hidden around the Zoo! Grab your map at admissions and follow the clues that will lead you to your ripper prehistoric prize! With tons of native Australian and exotic animals to learn about...

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The Irwin family are ready to take on the crocs this Easter!

22 March 2016

Kick off the Easter school holidays with the Irwin family as Bindi and the Jungle Girls perform from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th March, followed by Terri, Bindi and Robert feeding Australia Zoo's giant saltwater crocs during the world-famous Wildlife...

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Australia Zoo spreads the Irish cheer this St Patrick’s Day!

16 March 2016

Australia Zoo will be holding an Irish-themed celebration for the whole family to enjoy this St Patrick’s Day on Thursday 17th March. Guests can take part in Australia Zoo’s annual Wife Carrying Race, giving contestants the opportunity...

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Irwin family visits Cheetah Outreach in Africa!

2 March 2016

While visiting the cast of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ in Africa, the Irwin family took some time to go on their own adventure and visit one of Wildlife Warriors’ vital conservation projects, Cheetah...

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Australia Zoo’s baby rhino is on display!

25 February 2016

In recent weeks, one of Australia Zoo’s newest babies – Humphrey the white rhino calf – has joined the rest of the white rhino crash on our African savannah. Humphrey is settling into daily life extremely well, bonding happily with...

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Two tiger cubs roar into the world at Australia Zoo!

16 February 2016

Two tiger cubs roar into the world at Australia Zoo!Sumatran tiger bloodline continues with safe arrival of Kaitlyn's second litter. Australia Zoo's tiger team were thrilled to discover that one of our critically endangered Sumatran tigers,...

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