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Will you take part in the "Wombats" 2km run?

Take a walk (or run) on the wild side!

21 April 2015

Australia Zoo is opening its gates early on Sunday May 3 for a fun run like no other, as guests venture through the zoo at dawn. Running or walking past a bunch of early-risers like our rhinos and our zebras, Run on the Wild Side participants can...

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You're invited to dinner with the Irwin family and their wildlife!

14 April 2015

This year’s Dine with the Wildlife guest list has a few extra special additions, and they may not be who you expected! Australia Zoo’s cheetahs, dingoes and koalas are just some of the special guests joining the Irwin family at the...

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Dexter and Tallow make the big move to koala pre-school!

6 April 2015

Australia Zoo's youngest koala joeys, Tallow and Dexter, made the big move away from their mums last week as they prepare for koala pre-school! The brave one year-old joeys moved into their new home near Australia Zoo's Crocoseum, where they'll now...

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Update on Speartooth Shark Research – Wenlock River March 2015

1 April 2015

Australia Zoo has been researching the critically endangered Speartooth Shark Glyphis glyphis in the Wenlock and Ducie Rivers since 2012, in collaboration with the University of Queensland and CSIRO. These rivers, which bound the Steve Irwin...

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Irwins, buried treasure, and the Easter Binturong at Australia Zoo these holidays!

31 March 2015

Well you’ve heard of the Easter Bunny, and likely the Easter Bilby, but have you heard of the Easter Binturong? Also known as a “bearcat”, the binturong is a beautiful animal native to South-East Asia. With his long white...

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Jump crocs with the Irwin family on the trip of a lifetime!

24 March 2015

Did you ever think the chance to jump crocodiles with the Irwin family on their annual trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve would be open to you? Well, it is - thanks to a special partnership with Australian Geographic! Set on 135,000 hectares,...

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Chip snuggles into Shanina Shaik and Australia Zoo keeper Olivia while shooting the Harper's BAZAAR cover.

Chip the koala “shaiks” up the world of fashion on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR

17 March 2015

Australia Zoo's resident supermodel, Chip the koala, has graced the cover of Harper's BAZAAR Australia this month alongside Victoria's Secret supermodel Shanina Shaik. The 15 month-old koala made her modelling debut in the April issue of BAZAAR...

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Win your wife’s weight in gold (golden lager!) this St Patrick’s Day at Australia Zoo!

10 March 2015

Putting a modern twist on Irish folklore, Australia Zoo is calling all men to join us on St Patrick’s Day, Tuesday March 17th, for the chance to win their wife’s weight in golden lager! With the “pot of gold” concept dating back to...

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The Australia Zoo crew brought their animal friends along to launch the new Greyhound Australia service!

Australia Zoo and Greyhound team up to boost Sunshine Coast tourism!

3 March 2015

Yesterday, two of Queensland's most iconic brands, Australia Zoo and Greyhound Australia, proudly launched an exciting new and improved coach service connecting passengers in Noosa to Australia Zoo in Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast. Joined by 91.9...

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Wildlife Hospital’s most long-term patient due for release

24 February 2015

After almost two years of continuous treatment for a debilitating disease, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's most long-term patient, Hume the koala, is finally on the road to recovery and release. Hume came to the wildlife hospital in July 2013,...

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