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Join us on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve!

23 March 2017

Check this out! Australia Zoo's expeditions to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve are back! Canon's Colin Baker will be leading a photography trip to the reserve, in search for the perfect shots of the beautiful wildlife and rare plants that can be...

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Join us for a lemur birthday party!

17 March 2017

Our troop of ten handsome lemurs on Bindi's Island are fast approaching their birthdays in March and what better way to celebrate than by throwing them all a surprise party?! On Saturday the 25th of March, join us on Bindi's Island for fruit cake,...

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Join us for St. Patrick's Day!

10 March 2017

On Friday the 17th of March, Australia Zoo will be kicking off St Patrick's Day with their annual wife-carrying race! Couples are invited to race through a series of obstacles while carrying their partner and the fastest team will win their wife's...

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Exotic snakes slither in to Australia Zoo!

1 March 2017

Early last week, two of the world’s most iconic snakes arrived to their new home at Australia Zoo where they are now the very first exotic venomous snakes to be housed in Queensland! A pair of king cobras and a pair of eastern diamondback...

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G'day from Australia Zoo's giraffe herd!

24 February 2017

Following our baby boom of giraffes, all the animals who live on our African Savannah now have names! Our last giraffe calf is now fondly known as ‘Scarlett' and was chosen by the wonderful Lucy who thought it was a perfect name for one of her...

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Australia Zoo’s animals beat the heat! (With a little help)

13 February 2017

Summer is in full swing and with Queensland feeling the heat more than some, Australia Zoo's animals need a little extra help to cool down - a task their creative keepers have taken in their stride! Some Zoo homes for animals like the wombats and...

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Australia Zoo’s tiger cubs celebrate first birthday party!

8 February 2017

Earlier this week, Australia Zoo's tiger crew celebrated the first birthdays of Scout and Delilah, two of the Zoo's most recent Sumatran tiger cubs. The special milestone brought together staff and visiting guests as the cubs were gifted with ice...

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Congratulations to the winners of our Summer Down Under cars!

31 January 2017

Congratulations to the Hatchman family, Holgate family and Bray family, who have all now been announced as the winners of our car giveaway over the summer school holiday period! These awesome giveaways were made possible by Sci-Fleet Toyota and...

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Australia Zoo’s giraffe calf is named!

25 January 2017

Our baby giraffe who was born on the 7th of November 2016, finally has her name! Gigi the giraffe, has kindly been given her name by Toys"R"Us Australia, whose mascot is a giraffe named Geoffrey! Named after Geoffrey's wife, Gigi , Toys"R"Us have a...

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Have you met the wild wildlife of Australia Zoo?

17 January 2017

Australia Zoo is world famous as the home of over 1200 amazing animals from the koalas, kangaroos, and crocodiles of Australia to the tigers of Asia and India, the giraffe, rhino and zebra of Africa and so many more. However, what many of our...

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