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Gen N

Sex: F
Size: 11ft 5in (3480mm)
Tagged: 2015-08-07

Gen N is a female crocodile who we started tracking in 2015. She'll be tracked by GPS for the next year, and her acoustic tag will help us gather detailed data about her movements and behaviour over the next decade.

Australia Zoo, in partnership with The University of Queensland and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, now manage the longest continuous study of crocodiles in the world. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, this vital croc research continues, helping us to find out more about this incredible, threatened species and how best to manage and work with communities living alongside them.

If you would like to sponsor a croc or donate to keep this vital research project alive, please click here.

Interactive Map

Crocodile tracking program conducted by the Franklin Eco-laboratory at the University of Queensland.