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Crikey! Magazine began as a humble newsletter but in its current guise was officially launched in March 2007. A small team of two started preparing the magazine just two months before the release date. Issue One of the Crikey Magazine started as a 56-page publication. Now, the magazine has grown to an action-packed glossy, colourful family magazine with activities, fun and prizes for 'little tackers'. We currently print 7,500 copies of the magazine to distribute nationally and internationally quarterly to subscribers, and to newsagencies. We also sell it at Australia Zoo retail outlets and our Online Shop.

Crikey! Magazine was created to feed the need for fun wildlife education and spread the conservation message. Steve Irwin lived for conservation, making it his mission to show people all around the world how they can make a difference. Readers learn about the animal kingdom and how to protect the world they live in.

The content of the quarterly magazine is wide-ranging, with articles on conservation and environmental issues to fashion features, interactive kids' pages and up-to-date information on the Irwin family.

Just a few popular features of the CRIKEY! Magazine are:

  • Irwin Adventures - written by Terri herself with stacks of exclusive photos and information about their family adventures at Australia Zoo and all over the world.
  • Bits by Bindi is Bindi's own hand-written bit. She writes about her family, friends, animals, filming, singing and dancing her way through life as a Wildlife Warrior princess.
  • Robert RULES! takes a look inside the life of the littlest Irwin. It's such fun to step into his world where lizards, dinosaurs and exploration are top of the list!
  • Wild Child is the kids' chance to get involved. Weird and wonderful facts, jokes, activities and cool competitions feature prominently in this section. There are plenty of activities for the kids like colouring-ins, puzzles, recipes and quizzes.
  • Star Patient features a different patient of the Australian Wildlife Hospital each issue. The brave critters that find themselves sick or injured are in the best possible hands with our wildlife vets. Come on their journey from rescue, to treatment to rehabilitation and release back into the wild.
  • Rescue Report features the latest wildlife rescue and release operations of the Australia Zoo Rescue Unit who work tirelessly to save injured and/or sick wildlife. The crew take injured wildlife to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and release healthy animals back into the wild.

Louise Gee

Managing Editor

Louise brings 20 years of experience in newspapers and magazines to the crack CRIKEY! Magazine team. When Louise isn't crocheting a blanket of words and concepts to form what is CRIKEY! Magazine she keeps an eye out for the resident snakes, frogmouths, toads, kookaburras, herons, scrub turkeys, possums, Eastern Water Dragons and Pheasant Coucals in her 'jungle' backyard. No, she doesn't live in the Zoo but sometimes her home feels like one as she also has to wrangle three wonderful kids of her own. Louise reckons they help her tune into what young readers want in the magazine as she tries to remain abreast of issues and stories that will interest mums, dads and senior readers too.

When she's not working, she enjoys swimming, being 'walked by' her head-strong beagle, Cooee, and live music. After a childhood fearful of snakes and creepy crawlies, being a mum has helped her to shake old phobias and embrace all creatures great and small. Her pick of the bunch at the zoo are the binturongs, Pip and Jaya. A lover of good movies, Louise admits the binturongs' natural scent, akin to popcorn, makes her rather biased towards these tree-dwellers.