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Tribe Talks are provided at no extra cost when you visit the Zoo. Tribe Talk topics are based on the Australian Curriculum, as well as the exploits of Australia Zoo. There is no obligation to book a Tribe Talk, but if you feel that it would enhance your visit, we certainly encourage you to do so.

There are upgrades available if you would like an alternative style of educational presentation, or if the available Tribe Talks do not suit what your students are studying. The following upgrades are conducted with smaller groups:

  • Discovery Experiences are designed for Prep students and cost an additional $3 per student
  • Walkabout Tours are available for Years 1-12 and cost an additional $3 per student
  • A Sensory Experience is available for students from Special Schools, where a typical talk is not appropriate, and costs an additional $3 per student

There are a limited number of sessions available for education services, so advanced planning and bookings are essential. If you have any further questions about the content of our programs, or need help selecting one that is right for your group, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Teacher Sneak Peek

A Teacher Sneak Peek is a unique opportunity for teachers planning to bring a group to the Zoo. Perhaps you’ve never been lucky enough to visit or things might have changed since you were last here, so to ensure your group gets the most out of their visit we recommend that you check out the Zoo first.

We can arrange free entry, providing the opportunity to view our facility, as well as the opportunity to meet with the Education staff should you wish to discuss excursion options.

Please contact the Education Department on (07) 5436 2071 to arrange your free Teacher Sneak Peek.