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Years 3 - 5

Tribe Talks are presentations conducted in our Education Centre by one of our education officers. All Tribe Talks include a visit from one of our gorgeous animals that your students will be able to touch.

Tribe Talks can be delivered to groups of up to 70 students. Tribe Talks are included in the cost of admission, should you choose to book one. Sessions are limited so be sure to contact us early so you don’t miss out.

  • Endangered Species
  • We are all aware of the dire situation that our planet's endangered species are facing. We consider the causes and effects that have resulted in a global decline, not seen since the extinction of dinosaurs. We also share information about the amazing work being carried out by Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors to turn this situation around.
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Crocodilians have remained relatively unchanged for 100 million years. Your students will learn how the crocodile's structural and behavioural adaptations have ensured its phenomenal success as an organism. After investigating the crocodile, we throw open the discussion to your students prompting them to uncover the relationship between adaptation, environment and survival with other animals.
  • Animal Rescue
  • An exclusive insight into the remarkable work being carried out by the Australia Zoo Rescue Team as they travel far and wide to save our wildlife. Be inspired by their stories, and discover some practical tips on how you can contribute to wildlife rescue and care.

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Walkabout Tours are guided tours provided by one of our Education Officers. Key commentary is provided at select exhibits in accordance with the topic you have chosen. Walkabout tours can be up to 45 minutes in duration, and are best conducted for groups of between 10-15.

Advanced planning and bookings are essential. If you have any further questions about the content of our programs, or need help selecting one that is right for your group, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Most Extreme Animals
  • Crikey! Have a go at this! This exciting tour shows you the biggest, fastest, longest and most venomous creatures at Australia Zoo. This is a fun, yet educational activity for any year level, where you will meet the rulers of the animal kingdom.
  • Living in Wet and Dry Environments
  • Could you imagine a fish living up a tree; or a koala swimming around under the sea? I didn't think so! We go on a tour to check out the living and non-living elements of wet and dry environments and the differences between them. You might be quite surprised to find out just how well animals have adapted to living in these specific environmental conditions!