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Crikey! Curriculum Rates

  Kindy & Prep Primary Secondary Tertiary
Group Rate (includes free tribe talk) $15 $20 $30 $30
Walkabout Tour $3 $3 $3 $3
Discovery Experience $3 NA NA NA

Please Note:
Education rates are only available to Australian schools who book direct.
Additional supervising adults are charged $41 if they are included in the group booking payment or $59.00 if they pay individually. No further discounts on additional adult rates (ie. pensioner or student cards).
Student rates applicable all year i.e. whether during and outside school holiday period.
Rates apply to any school group size.
Vacation care rates as per school rates.

Free Of Charge Policy

Kindergarten to Prep 1 Adult Free for every 5 children
Primary 1 Adult Free for every 10 children
Secondary 1 Adult Free for every 10 children
Tertiary 1 Adult Free for every 15 students

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