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Years 11 & 12

Tribe Talks are presentations conducted in our Education Centre by one of our education officers. All Tribe Talks include a visit from one of our gorgeous animals that your students will be able to touch.

Tribe Talks can be delivered to groups of up to 70 students. Tribe Talks are included in the cost of admission, should you choose to book one. Sessions are limited so be sure to contact us early so you don’t miss out.

  • Tourism and Marketing
  • As one of the most widely recognised tourist attractions in the country, the history of how the Irwin's little wildlife park became an international tourist destination makes for an interesting study. In this talk your students will gain an insight into the history of the business, its daily operation, challenges we have faced, and our plans for the future. A great topic for business or tourism studies students.
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Get an insight into how workplace health and safety applies in a large and varied workplace like Australia Zoo. From working safely with Australia's apex predator to preventing sunburn, nothing is left to chance when working at Australia Zoo.
  • Careers
  • A popular option with upper school groups visiting the Zoo on school camps, this talk provides advice for any students seeking to work in the animal or tourism industry. We also elaborate on the opportunities available within a tourist destination like Australia Zoo.
  • Animal Behaviour and Training
  • Within zoos, the understanding of animals' behaviour is imperative for their successful management. This topic explores the importance of this understanding, and also how we make use of animals' innate ability to learn.
  • Captive Breeding
  • In today's world, where more species are being recognised as "threatened" than ever before, captive breeding programs in zoos are looked upon with great admiration and respect. In this topic we explore both the myths and realities of breeding animals in captivity.
  • Understanding Biology for Captive Animals
  • Biology is the study of life. An understanding of biological principles is essential for effective captive animal management. The changes that have occurred in zoos over the years have been a direct result of a greater understanding of animal biology. This talk illustrates biological concepts of anatomy & physiology, nutrition & diet, reproduction & development, and behaviour, in the context of animal husbandry within the Zoo.
  • Animal Rescue
  • An exclusive insight into the remarkable work being carried out by the Australia Zoo Rescue Team as they travel far and wide to save our wildlife. Be inspired by their stories, and discover some practical tips on how you can contribute to wildlife rescue and care.
  • Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve
  • Go beyond the Zoo to see conservation in action on one of our better known conservation properties. The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Cape York Peninsula is home to threatened species and unique ecosystems, and is of interest to a variety of stakeholders. What will be the future of this piece of paradise?
  • Ground-breaking Croc Research
  • Our croc team works hand in hand with researchers from the University of Queensland to discover how crocodiles use their environment. We investigate the tools and techniques they use and discover how we are contributing to the scientific community.

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Walkabout Tours are guided tours provided by one of our Education Officers. Key commentary is provided at select exhibits in accordance with the topic you have chosen. Walkabout tours can be up to 45 minutes in duration, and are best conducted for groups of between 10-15.

Advanced bookings are essential. If you have any further questions about the content of our programs, or need help selecting one that is right for your group, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Animal Adaptations Uncovered
  • Crocodilians have remained relatively unchanged for 100 million years. Your students will learn how the crocodile's structural, behavioural and physiological adaptations have ensured its phenomenal success as an organism. Following on from the Crocodile, we examine the extreme adaptations of the Koala and Cassowary and the role their adaptations play in their survival.
  • Diversity and Classification
  • Having a collection of diverse as well as closely related species, Australia Zoo offers a great opportunity to explore the subject of animal diversity and classification. The concepts of hierarchy, relatedness and identification are explored, as well as the importance of binominal nomenclature. This tour offers the opportunity to contextualise what some teachers consider to be a relatively "dry" topic.