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Times: 3:00pm

Price: $150.00

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Learn all you need to know about the fastest land mammal in the world.  Our keepers will let you hangout and get hands on with one of our regal cheetahs, while a photographer snaps away.

Timing and Days:

  • Cheetah Encounters are held 7 days a week.
  • Cheetah Encounters are conducted from 3.00pm - 3.20pm. 


  • A professional Australia Zoo Photographer to capture the moment.
  • Two photos per person (one 8"x6" and one 4"x6").
  • A longer hands on time than the Cheetah Snapshot.

Price and Guest Limit:

  • $150 per person.
  • Maximum of 4 participants per Encounter.
  • Minimum age of participants is 15 years.


  • Bookings should be made in advance online or through the Information and Tour Desk at Australia Zoo on (07) 5436 2002 or email via our contact form
  • If available, bookings are able to be made on the day before 2.30pm.

Please Note:

  • Cheetah Encounters may be cancelled if the weather is bad. The encounter will be rescheduled for later that day or the next available date.

Terms and Conditions

1. Big Cat Encounters are only available to participants who are 15 years and older.
2. Guests must be fit and healthy, have full motor skill capacity, be able to walk at a reasonable pace over rough terrain for 30 minutes.
3. Participants must be able to squat/kneel down and stand up quickly & without assistance. If any participants arrive and cannot display this, the encounter will not go ahead. You may be asked to demonstrate this ability.
4. Guests with limps, wheelchairs or walking aids are not permitted on the encounter.
5. Each guest must have full intellectual abilities.
6. Each guest must be able to understand English or have a paying interpreter with them.
7. Australia Zoo reserves the right to refuse any person to participate in the encounter for safety or other reasons.

8. All participants must follow all instructions given by the handlers at all times.
9. Cancellation within 48 hours of the Walk shall result in forfeiture of the deposit.
10. Cancellation other than in accordance with condition 2 shall result in forfeiture of 50% of the deposit.
11. Enclosed and flat suitable footwear must be worn during the encounter. Shoes that have been recently worn around grazing animals (eg. horse boots) are not allowed.
12. Clothing should be neutral in colour and not be overly baggy or frilly.
13. Pants should be knee length or longer. NO short shorts, skirts or dresses allowed.
14. No over powering scents/perfumes and no loud accessories (bells, bracelets/bangles etc.).
15. Entry not included in the cost but can be paid on arrival or online prior to your visit.
16. Big Cat Encounters are subject to the weather. You must be aware that the encounter may be cancelled if bad weather occurs before or during the Walk. The encounter will be rescheduled for later in the day or the next available date, at the handler's discretion.
17. No personal items or food are permitted on the encounter, this includes CAMERAS.
18. Price includes TWO 4x6 & ONE 6x8 photos per person. Entry to Australia Zoo is not included.
19. As these encounters primarily form part of the Big Cats exercise, it will not be a formal session. That is, whenever the Big Cat stops - everyone stops. This time will then be utilised for photo opportunities
20. Participants may be asked to cease the encounter at any time for whatever reason at the handler's discretion.
21. Please remember that Big Cats are predatory animals and are quite capable of exercising their natural instincts.
22. Do not under any circumstances attempt to roughly handle the Big Cat.
23. The Big Cat can be patted on the back only; please do not touch their heads, faces or any other body parts.
24. Australia Zoo does not take any responsibility for any injuries that are received. First Aid will be called if required.



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