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Care to relax on the grass while hand-feeding some hungry wombats, or strut your stuff with the rebels of Aussie wildlife? You can take a walk on the wild side with one of our majestic tigers, enjoy some dingo kisses, hand-feed a giant tortoise and MUCH more! Where else in the world can you experience so much hands-on wildlife action in one day?

Australia Zoo is right at the forefront of wildlife conservation for a reason - we're on a mission to make you fall in love with our amazing animals!


Bookings can be made at the Information & Tour Desk on the day of the Encounter and online


What type of Animal Encounter are YOU interested in?

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Aussie Animals
African Animals
Asian Animals
Exotic Animals
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Big Cats
Good for Kids
Under $100
Giant Giraffe Snapshot
Get up close and personal with our giant giraffes!
Outback Camel Adventure
Come and take a ride on one of these gorgeous animals
Zany Zebra Encounter
Imagine being able to pat and feed a handsome Zebra!
Zoo Crew Experience Asia
Go behind the scenes like never before!
Cheeky Cheetah Snapshots
Come and have a photo with our Cheeky Cheetah
Rascally Red Panda
Pat and feed our Rascally Red Panda boys! What a ripper!
Cheeky Cheetah Encounter
Spend some quality time with a Cheeky Cheetah.
Cuddly Koalas
Crikey! Australia's favourite icon is waiting for a cuddle.
You Beaut Binturong Encounters
Come and meet one of the strangest animals on Earth
Leapin Lemurs
Lookout! Mischevious Lemurs about!
Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Tour
Check out the new state-of-the-art Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
Ripper Rhinos
Get face-to-face with a two tonne Rhino in a rare Ripper Rhino Encounter!
Tiger Walk
Take a morning walk with our drop-dead gorgeous tigers!
Colossal Komodo Encounters
The only zoo in the world where you can get close to a Komodo Dragon!
Dingo Encounter
What an awesome encounter with Australia's native dog
Tiger Photos
With our gorgeous Sumatran or Bengal Tigers
Tortoise Encounter
Get up close and personal with these grand creatures!
Wombat Encounter
Get closer than ever to this amazing native mammal
Echidna Encounter
An interactive experience with one of Australia's native icons!
Possum Encounter
Have a very special experience with a possum
Wombat Walk
They would love you to join them on their next Zoo adventure!
Farmyard Fun
Give them a brush, a feed and lots of love and affection!

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We need your name, email address, which Encounter you're interested in, and anything else you can tell us about your trip to Australia Zoo! If you know what day you're coming, and your preferred Encounter is available, we'll contact you to confirm the booking, or we can give you details of alternative available Encounters.




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