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Cassowaries are considered to be the most dangerous bird in the world. They have razor sharp claws and a hard crown that can be used to attack predators. With only 1200 left in the wild, captive breeding programs are vital in keeping the species alive. Bedara, an Australia Zoo cassowary is being relocated to Taronga Zoo to continue their crucial breeding program. Only problem is, Terri and the Warriors needed to knock down the big bird in order to ship him to Sydney - and he didn't go down without a fight.

EPISODE UPDATE: Bedara the Cassowary settled in well to his new home at Taronga Zoo!
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Grandpa the 80 year old Crocodile had a sore foot, and being a long time favourite occupant of the Zoo the team need to take a closer look. Only problem is, this angry croc wasn't that keen to play ball. Using a technique that was pioneered by Steve the Warriors played a dangerous game of tug of war with this 300kg man-eater.

EPISODE UPDATE: Grandpa the crocodile is feeling much better following his foot inspection!
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Toby from the Wildlife Warriors rescue unit was called to the site of a koala that had been hit by a car. Concerns for the animal deepened when he realised that she had a little joey on board. Will this cute mum and baby pair make it through this harrowing ordeal?

EPISODE UPDATE: Happily, Innocence and Freedom the koalas were released back into their native bush habitat.
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Sumatran Tigers are one of the most beautiful and powerful animals on the planet. Sadly however there are only 200 of these cats left in the wild. Ramalon is untouchable – even for his keepers, but he is crucial to the international breeding program of these spectacular cats. In order to check his fertility – the Warriors had to knock him down - a dangerous and delicate procedure.

EPISODE UPDATE: Ramalon's fertility test returned 80% positive; great news for our Sumatran tiger breeding program!
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Robert Irwin has the best backyard in Australia – a Zoo! In his debut story for the series, Robert showed us one of his favourite exhibits, where a bunch of screaming little piglets got a much needed medical.

EPISODE UPDATE: The piglets at Kids Zoo are happy and healthy thanks to Robert and Dr Mel's vaccinations.
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At the Wildlife Warriors animal hospital, too often the Vets see the damaging effects lazy fishermen have on our native wildlife. In this episode, a Tern was admitted to the Wildlife Hospital having swallowed a fish hook.

EPISODE UPDATE: It's vital for fishermen to keep our waterways clean to prevent injuries to wildlife. .
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It's crocodile trapping time. Crocodile hunting is what Steve Irwin was famous for and Terri, Bindi and Robert continue the tradition with the annual pilgrimage to a very special place, the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Queensland’s Cape York Peninsular. And they didn't have long to wait before Terri and the team encountered the angriest Croc of them all. These experienced trappers have tagged hundreds of crocs, but intuition told them that this angry croc was going to be different from all the others, and he didn't disappoint!

EPISODE UPDATE: Our annual croc research trip takes the total to over 100 crocs caught and tagged.
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Meet Djgarna or Jabba as she's affectionately known; a Jabiru and one of Australia Zoo's stars of the free flight bird show. Jabba is also in love...with his keeper. Dave the “birdman” and Jabba are an item, they've been together for more than 8 years. No one can go near this bird for fear of being attacked, but not Keeper Dave. A Jabiru’s life can span up to forty years, so this couple could be together longer than most marriages last!

EPISODE UPDATE: Djagarna wows audiences daily during our free flight bird show in the Crocoseum.
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The latest addition to Australia Zoo is the Africa exhibit. Australia Zoo is the only zoo to combine species in the one display. It was an inspired selection of animals and the giraffe, rhino and zebra roam freely, but this calls for serious management at all times to ensure the animals are kept safe.

EPISODE UPDATE: The Africa exhibit recently celebrated its first birthday on display at Australia Zoo.
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The Wildlife Hospital's vet pays a house call to Fat Boy the Komodo Dragon, currently undergoing treatment for a sore foot and possible arthritis of the hip. Komodo's are extremely dangerous, in fact one bite can be lethal, so all precautions are taken whilst the Warriors prepare to X-ray the concerned areas. But Fat Boy has other ideas!

EPISODE UPDATE: After tricky X-rays, Zoo vetinary assessment finds Fat Boy to be a very healthy Komodo dragon.
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Bindi and Robert are taken on a discovery tour in the most pristine countryside at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Queensland's Cape York Peninsular. Their guide is Ranger Barry Lyon one of Steve's oldest friends, who has worked around the Cape for more 35 years. Bindi and Robert discover the area is home to an abundance of rare fauna and flora.

EPISODE UPDATE: The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve remains under threat of strip mining.
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Ester and Delilah are two of the most loveable camels who are on hand to welcome the many visitors at Australia Zoo. The camels like all the animals at the Zoo have to be regularly wormed. But when it's time to take their medicine, both Ester and Delilah are a stubborn and cantankerous pair, as our vet Dr Pete finds out.

EPISODE UPDATE: Esther and Delilah finally take their medicine, much to Dr Pete's delight!
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Kei the Rhino has a playful and cheeky nature, but as he's getting a bit rough with the other rhinos the keepers have decided his horn must be trimmed. Preparation and conditioning Kei for a 'haircut' has been under way for some, but he's not a happy Rhino.

EPISODE UPDATE: After several attempts, Kei's 'haircut' is complete! He is now able to play safely with the other rhinos again.
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Working with crocs is a dangerous business and the safety of those who work in Australia Zoo's Croc Show is paramount. So our Warriors are off to Croc School to learn about reading the signs and understanding their every move, and the most important lesson, how to react if someone should ever get taken. It's never happened before, but you can never be too cautious with crocodiles!

EPISODE UPDATE: The team learn vital skills in 'croc school' to keep them safe during our daily croc feeds.
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The Rescue Unit responds daily to hundreds of calls to help sick or injured animals, but a call from a concerned farmer proved to be far from routine. The farmer discovered a snake caught in a tank, not any old water tank as one would expect, no, this snake was captured by an old WW2 army tank. The battle to release the Green Tree snake took 2 hours. Suffering from wounds caused by his constant struggle to get free, the frightened snake required urgent medical attention. But his recovery was far from certain...

EPISODE UPDATE: It's a bit of a struggle, but the Rescue Unit manage to free Tanky the green tree snake from a WWII tank safely.
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Dr Amber's steely determination is on show while she operates to save Heather the Possum.

EPISODE UPDATE: Tragically, even after Dr Amber's best efforts, Heather the Possum, didn't make it and had to be euthanased.
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Speckles the Sea Turtle is released back into the ocean after rescue and rehabilitation by the Rescue Unit and Wildlife Hospital.

EPISODE UPDATE: Speckles made a full recovery at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and the Irwins were delighted to be able to return him to the ocean!
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Our Cheetah are constantly roaming the zoo with their keepers; some visitors are lucky enough to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures!

EPISODE UPDATE: How we assist with cheetah conservation


The Tasmanian Devil is under threat from a rare disease and whilst scientists are trying to determine the cause, Zoos around the country have embarked on breeding programs. Terri introduces us to Australia Zoo's Tassie Devils and journeys to the wilds of Tasmania to find out the latest information.
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Breeding programs are constantly on the go at Australia Zoo and rumour has it that one of the Giraffe in the African exhibit just might be pregnant. For safety reasons Dr Pete needs to undertake a pregnancy test to determine the course of action required. But just how do you test for pregnancy on a Giraffe?
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Seven different species of kangaroo live in Australia Zoo's Roo Heaven including Eastern Grey and Red Kangaroos, Black Stripe, Rock, Agile Swamp and Red Neck Wallabies. Find out what they get up to!
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Australia Zoo has dedicated the last 18 months to studying the elusive Woma python on a remote property it owns. Using tracking devices inserted into the snakes by Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital vets, researcher Melissa discovers these snakes have an interesting story to tell.
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A tiny Emu is the last surviving member of her family. It's confused and frightened after it was orphaned before her basic instincts were learnt. The Emu needs to learn basic skills, so the Wildlife Hospital hatches an intriguing plan to introduce our tiny Emu to a mentor...a chicken!
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Native to South-east Asia the tree dwelling Binturong has shaggy black fur, stiff white whiskers and intense eyes; they are indeed very odd looking creatures and often emit a smell like popcorn! We get to meet these weird but very friendly animals.
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There's a constant stream of animals admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and today is no exception. The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit has an injured Frill-neck Lizard, an unusual find in this part of Southern Queensland. It was found by the side of the road and appears to be suffering trauma to the head.
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Cassowaries are one of Australia's most endangered birds and arguably the world's most dangerous! Australia Zoo has taken on the challenge of attempting to breed the species and historically, there hasn't been a great deal of success. Find out how the new pairing of Rocky and Babinda fares.
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At any given time there could be over 100 koalas in care at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Some stay for months. But have you ever thought about feeding this many koalas on a daily basis?
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Feeding the animals at Australia Zoo is all part of a keeper's job. For the tiger keepers, feeding is really important and each tiger's meal is meticulously planned and managed. Their diet includes fur, feathers and bone, but is largely compiled of lean meats like venison or rabbit. For the tiger keepers, it certainly pays to have well fed and healthy tigers. Bon appétit!
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There's an emergency at the Lemur enclosure. Ruffed lemur Frodo, the only breeding male at Australia Zoo has taken sick. The Australia Zoo vets have had little time to prepare for the procedure and, after suffering a seizure on the operating table, there are some concerns about Frodo's future.
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Alimah is a rare and stunning albino Burmese python. She's one of the star attractions at Australia Zoo, measuring over four metres and weighing 45 kilos she can be a handful. When Alimah's specially designed enclosure has heating troubles and the temperature starts to drop, her keepers are very concerned their beautiful python might catch a chill. For a reptile, that could prove's time to move, fast.
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