Australia Zoo has three new tiger cubs!

Our gorgeous Sumatran tiger, Kaitlyn, safely delivered a healthy female and male cub in early February. Then in early April, first time mum Maneki also gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! This brings the total of cubs born at Australia Zoo to five in our 46 year history!

Check them out below!

Due to Kaitlyn’s bloodline tracing back to wild origins, newly named Scout and Delilah are some of the most genetically valuable tigers to have been born.

These cubs are half-siblings to Hunter and Clarence who were also born to Kaitlyn in 2013 and starred in BBC’s Tigers about the House series.

Maneki’s cub is the third baby tiger born at Australia Zoo in 2016 and will be named in the coming weeks.

Growing up at Australia Zoo

Like their siblings before them, they will bond with their keepers from an early age allowing the Tiger Crew to give them the best possible quality of life at the Zoo including enrichment through various different experiences and interactions.

Adopt our adorable tiger cubs!

Adopt one of our amazing tiger cubs to receive gifts and updates of your favourite furry friend! Not only will you be making a difference, you’ll also be directly contributing to our conservation project to save the Sumatran tiger! Adopt one or adopt them all!

Save the tigers!

With less than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild as a result of habitat destruction and illegal poaching, the birth of these cubs is significant to the global tiger breeding program and raising awareness and resources for the fight to save the dwindling wild population.

Meet our adorable tiger cubs!

Our new tiger cubs are now display and roving through the Zoo! Click here to meet* them exclusively for playtime while also contributing to the conservation of Sumatran tigers!

  1. * Meet the cubs at 1:00pm & 1:15pm daily.
  2. Availability is limited.
  3. Minimum age is 10yrs old and children 10-14 must be accompanied by a paying adult.
  4. Price $99pp.
  5. Includes a 6x8 print per person.
  6. Pre-bookings available 1 week prior.