Spring is in the air and with spring comes new arrivals!  Come and see our new addtions to the Australia Zoo family and help us name our new baby lemur!

Baby lemur naming!

Australia Zoo needs your help to name our new baby lemur!

Spindles is being a fantastic mother and bonding with her baby, this little cutie is still too young to be on display and we're not yet sure if it's a boy or a girl, but we would love to hear your naming suggestions!

Share your ideas on our Facebook page here.

It's a boy!

Keep an eye out around the wombats home (map ref 5F) to spot Poa and her baby boy. 

Our new wombat joey is starting to leave the safety of mum's pouch and venture out into the world.  If you are lucky, you will get to see him!

Koala Joeys

Visit koala mums and bubs (map ref 4H) to see our adorable koala joeys.

They have grown up over the last few months and you can now see them either snuggling up to mum, playing in the branches or munching on gum leaves.

Kangaroo Joeys

When visiting Roo Heaven (map ref 6I) you may see a pleasant surprise hopping by!

Our kangaroo's have joeys! Keep an eye out, you could find them popping out of mums pouch to say hello.


Our veiled chameleon is a new addition to our reptile family at the zoo. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled when you visit her as she is well camouflaged in her new home. Visit our veiled chameleon in the snakes area (map ref 5F) with her reptile friends.

You'll be charmed by her beautiful colours!

Michevious Meerkats

Australia Zoo is thrilled to introduce our newest members of the Africa family - an adorable mob of meerkats! Be sure to check them out during your visit (map ref 9B).

Book a new mischievous meerkat encounter to get up close with this playful group of girls so you can see how clever and busy they are in their brand new adventure area! For more information click here.