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The Crocoseum is the heartbeat of entertainment at Australia Zoo. Each day, our Audio Visual team, Conservation Crew, passionate presenters and animal keepers join forces to deliver the WILDEST show on earth! You can't miss the slithering, jaw smacking action of 'Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors' show daily at 11am. Of course, the entertainment team are only second to the real stars of the show, our gorgeous Asian Elephants, snakes, free flight birds and world famous crocodiles!

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"We love what we do and hope you do too!"

Australia Zoo's Crocoseum

Australia Zoo's CrocoseumOur exciting wildlife show in the Crocoseum has been a huge success receiving raving reviews from our guests on a daily basis.

With more wildlife than you can poke a stick at, Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors show is ever evolving, as our animal stars find new ways to keep us entertained with their amazing natural behaviours.

Head to the Crocoseum rain or shine to be a part of all the excitement at midday daily.

Pre-Show Entertainment

Pre-Show EntertainmentThe entertainment starts early in the Crocoseum and we want you to be a part of it!

Whether you're having a dance with the Zoo Characters, our cheeky gorilla, learning a little 'Aussie slang’ or joining in all the laughs of 'animal impersonations' you're sure to have a ball and maybe even take home a Crocodile Hunter prize!

Animal Impersonations

Animal ImpersonationsThis is your chance to become a STAR on our massive 40 square metre 'Big Screen'. Become a part of the entertainment in the Crocoseum.

Photo Opportunity

Photo OpportunityWe want to meet you!

Throughout your day you have the opportunity to meet Australia Zoo's Costume Characters - Get your smile ready three, two, one... CRIKEY! Check at Information for today's photo times.

Who Are We


Entertainment is our name, entertainment is our game! We're here to compliment your day, share and teach you that YOU CAN make a difference.

AV - Audio Visual

We're here to bring you closer to the action! With our world class facility, and state of the art sound and screen we strive to make you feel a part of the show!

Check out the AV crew web profiles!

Friends of the Characters

We look after Australia Zoo's Characters and make sure they're ready for all the cuddles and 'high fives' each day!

Australia Zoo Characters

Conservation is the key, it's up to you and it's up to me. By coming to Australia Zoo you are contributing to the future of our wildlife and the environment we share it with. Thank you from Australia Zoo's Characters!

Khan - The Tiger

Khan - The Tiger"Well hello! My name is Khan and I'm the coolest cat this side of the jungle. I'm great at high fives, dancing and showing off my muscles (and I enjoy the occasional cuddle!) My favourite movies are Rocky and Rocky II. I come from the forests of India, where sadly many of my tiger friends are being poached for their fur. We need to stop illegal poaching before there are no tigers left in the wild. You can help by not purchasing animal skin products or traditional medicines that contain animal parts. You can make a difference! When you're at Australia Zoo, be sure to visit the Tiger Temple and learn how you can help all my tiger mates in the wild. Wooo-Hoo! Oh, I mean... GRRAAAHHHHHHHH!"

"The only things that should be poached are my brekkie eggs! Sunny side up please!"

Ploy - The Pink Elephant

Ploy - The Pink Elephant"Hello, my name is Ploy and I'm the pinkest elephant in the world. Most people would say I'm Pretty in Pink! What do you think? My name comes from Thailand and means rare and beautiful jewel. I'm very lucky to be living at Australia Zoo because my three best friends live here too; Siam, Sabu and Bimbo, the gorgeous Asian elephants. You can see them playing at Elephantasia and feed them some yummy fruit or veggies. Wildlife poachers threaten all my elephant friends living in the wild and some are hunted for their tusks. Our environment is also being destroyed and soon we won't have anywhere to live! You can help by supporting Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors They do a fantastic job raising money to help protect our habitat. If you see me playing around the Zoo come and give me and kiss and a cuddle or let me show you some of my awesome elephant dance moves - CHA CHA CHA!"

"Habitat destruction is the single biggest threat to all wildlife! Become a 'Wildlife Warrior' today and help to protect our home."

BW - Crocodile

BW - Crocodile"G'day, my name's BW, I'm a saltwater or estuarine crocodile. I'm probably the most famous croc here at Australia Zoo! I come from far north Queensland, but don't you worry, I'm the friendliest and prettiest croc around. If you see me at the Zoo don't be shy, come and say hello. I love making new friends, having my picture taken and giving everyone lots of cuddles. If you're ever in crocodile territory make sure you stay away from the waters edge and set up camp a safe distance away from any rivers or billabongs. Some of my relatives aren't as nice as me and just like humans they'll do anything to protect their home. To see some of my mates in action, check out the amazing 'Australia Zoo's Wildlife Warriors' show in the Crocoseum - where CROCS RULE!"

BW'S MESSAGECrocodile territory
"There are three simple rules to keep you safe in Croc territory (have a look at the map):
1) Never enter the water
2) Never overhang the water
3) Always stay back from the water's edge."

Jasper - Invisible Tiger

Jasper - Invisible Tiger"Hey I'm right here... in front of you! Its ok, I know you can't see me, that's because I'm invisible! I haven't always been this way but sadly like many of my mates, I've been made extinct - this basically means you'll never see me again. Our home is in the jungle and when it started to disappear so did we. I'm fortunate enough to be able to use my invisibility to show you the sad reality happening to all wildlife... but you can make a difference, make sure you visit Tiger Temple to find out how."

"Extinction - it really is plain to see!"