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The Hindu elephant god Ganesh is another remarkable sculpture that decorates Ganesh
And as you can see, the girls just love it!

Elephantasia is Australia’s LARGEST Asian Elephant facility. Created in 2006 for Australia Zoo’s beautiful girls Siam, Sabu and Bimbo, this Asian-themed exhibit is truly a work of art. Elephantasia features a large pool with a fountain for the girls to splash around in, a giant statue of Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god feature, lush gardens, and plenty of shade and space for the elephants.

This incredible work of art was originally conceived by Steve Irwin and developed with his best mate and Australia Zoo Director Wes Mannion. Steve fell in love with Siam, Sabu and Bimbo as soon as they arrived at Australia Zoo in 2003, and although the girls and their owner, Brenton Bullen, were originally only going to be our guests for the summer holidays, Steve decided to bring them back for the next school holidays… and the next… until finally it was arranged that Australia Zoo would become the permanent home of these beautiful Asian Elephants.

Of course, being Australia Zoo, only the very best home would suffice. Steve envisioned an Asian-themed haven to complement the then newly constructed Tiger Temple, which would be situated right next door to Elephantasia. The enclosure must be spacious, aesthetically impressive and authentic, but most of all allow his “gorgeous girls” to live in absolute luxury and happiness for the rest of their lives.

Come and see for yourself!

Hand feed our Elephants

Hand feed our ElephantsMeet our awe-inspiring Asian Elephants, Siam, Sabu and Bimbo at our daily elephant feedings. You can hand-feed our beautiful girls from a massive supply of fresh fruit and vegetables! Imagine sharing space with these magnificent animals - there's nothing like it.

Elephant Conservation

Elephant ConservationWant to find out more about Asian Elephant conservation? Australia Zoo is committed to the protection and conservation of Elephants in the wild, and is already actively involved in several international projects. Check out our elephant conservation project!

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