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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital prepares for yearly admission peak

Clinging to a plush toy in the absence of his mum, Shayne the koala joey is just one of the many innocent victims of this year's Trauma Season; the busiest, most confronting time of year at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. During the warmer months of the year, from August to February,...

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Animal Facts - Fact 93 Boas and Pythons

The Black-headed Python lacks the heat-sensing pits on their upper lip that are usually typical of pythons.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Emerson the Echidna

Age: Sub Adult Sex: Weight: 1.25kgs Found: Poor Emerson was found stuck in a narrow drain in Sunrise Beach, Queensland. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Rescue Unit rescued Emerson from...

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Dressed Baby Elephant

Cute as a button baby Elephant.  At 18cm tall he stands proud in his khaki outfit with the Australia Zoo logo on his back. For ages three and up....

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Pip the Binturong

Pip is a very relaxed, easygoing and confident binturong, who takes all aspects of life in her stride! It doesn't seem like anything will ever faze this girl. That said, she is also one of the more notoriously lazy critters around, always looking for an excuse to sleep in, often trying to convinc...

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