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Koala cuddles: Hot on the agenda at the G20

While Brisbane rolled out the red carpet for G20 delegates last week, Australia Zoo also extended the welcome from the nearby Sunshine Coast! Thursday saw Australia Zoo staff and animals take a trip to Brisbane, to show off Australia's iconic wildlife at the G20 International Media Centre...

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Animal Facts - Fact 46 Venomous Snakes

Although the Fierce Snake possesses drop for drop the most toxic venom in the world, its quiet disposition and isolated distribution results in very few conflicts with people.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Tom, Jack & Harry the Laughing Kookaburra Chicks

Age: Nestlings Sex: Unknown Weight: 35gms, 96gms & 109gms Found: After their tree was cut down in the Caboolture region. They were transported immediately to a vet clinic in Morayfield. Transport...

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WWW Key Charm

Each paw print represents a different Wildlife Warriors Conservation project. Crocodile Research, Southern Cassowary Conservation, Asian Elephant Conservation, Conservation of Orangutans in Borneo & Sumatra, and Conservation of Sumatran Tigers. Stick them on your keys or phone...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Igloo the Aldabran Tortoise

Igloo can be identified by his large, round shell (thus giving him his name), but this is not the only way to identify him; his personality and the way he decides to do something make him the odd one out of the three Aldabran boys. When Igloo wants a drink, he does not just lap at the water; he c...

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