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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital ‘shellebrates’ World Turtle Day!

Today is World Turtle Day, an annual occasion set aside to encourage the protection of turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. It’s also a time to celebrate the incredible conservation efforts carried out worldwide in a bid to save them. ...

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Animal Facts - Fact 13 Crocodilians

Crocodiles infamous 'death roll' is utilised when capturing prey. They 'twist' the animal off their feet so as they can drag them into the water to drown their prey. Generally though the imapact of the initial strike is all it takes to subdue the prey. The 'death roll' is also used to twist off bite-size pieces from a large prey item.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Coleridge the Shearwater

Age: Juvenile Sex: Weight: 166gms Found: Young Coleridge was found on the ground at Mudjimba beach in Mudjimba, Queensland. Transported to: Transported to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital ...

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The Crocodile Hunter DVD Volume 2 - Steve's Scariest Moments

Wildest Home Videos This action-packed episode takes a look at some of the hairiest and scariest moments from 'The Crocodile Hunter's' private video library and includes classic scenes from the archives of program out-takes. Steve is bitten on the face by an angry python,...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Ebony the Tasmanian Devil

Ebony is one of the cutest devils that you will ever meet! She was born on the 20th March 2011 and is one of 5 devil joeys born that season. She has a huge personality and is always after a belly scratch with her keepers. When it comes to play time, she is quick to steal the toys to play ...

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Latest Tweet from @AustraliaZoo

First time ‘super mum’ Gemma had her pouch full this week babysitting an extra little koala joey! 🐨❤️

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