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Dinosaurs take over Australia Zoo for the launch of Jurassic World!

Don't know your Deinosuchus from your Australovenator? Don't worry - we've got it covered these school holidays at Australia Zoo when you join us for our Jurassic Dinosaur Hunt! To celebrate the cinema release of JURASSIC WORLD, Australia Zoo is going dinosaur crazy from June 27 to July 1...

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Animal Facts - Fact 59 Kangaroos

A big male Eastern Grey Kangaroo can measure up to 2.8 meters from his nose to the tip of his tail, and can weigh up to 66kg. Females are much smaller, reaching approximately 32kg.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Robin the Southern Boobook

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 260gms Found: On the ground, beside a road in Bongaree, QLD. It was suspected that she may have been hit by a car. Transported to: The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospi...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Forrest the Giraffe

Forrest is a lucky boy as he is the token male in the giraffe herd of seven at Australia Zoo. He is the proud father of three beautiful girls, Skye, Lily and Tulip who can be easily spotted on the savannah as they’re much shorter than the rest of the herd....

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So proud to support this special project, protecting livestock in Africa in order to protect cheetahs.

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