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Australia Zoo goes ‘Carnival’ for the release of Rio 2!

Home to our very own beautiful blue and gold macaws from South America, Australia Zoo will come alive on October 4 for the release of Rio 2, holding a colourful, Carnival party! Just like the plot of Rio 2 where main characters Nico and Pedro join blue macaws Blu and Jewel on an amazing a...

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Animal Facts - Fact 32 Boas and Pythons

Unfortunately due to the ever-increasing skin trade, the Burmese Python has suffered incredibly and the impact has reduced numbers in its home range.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Flicker the Nankeen Kestrel

Age: Adult Sex: Female Weight: 376gms Found: At a place of residence in Sandstone Point east of Caboolture. Flicker had jesses attached to her legs and a radio tracker indicating that she was a captive bird. Where...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Allira the Dingo

Allira arrived at Australia Zoo with her sister Gili when they were 8 weeks old. Together, they embarked on a life of discovery, the most important lesson being how to behave in their new pack. Allira has quickly won the hearts of her handlers with her cheeky games and boundless e...

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Australia Zoo's Flopsy, affectionately known as Predictaroo, has called the winner in Germany V Portugal game this World Cup!

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