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Meet Lucy, the adorable koala joey!

At only 9 months old Lucy is no bigger than the size of a water bottle. Found sitting all by herself on a suburban driveway in the middle of the day, Lucy’s mum was nowhere in sight leaving her to fend for herself. With the sun pelting down, Lucy was ...

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Animal Facts - Fact 32 Boas and Pythons

Unfortunately due to the ever-increasing skin trade, the Burmese Python has suffered incredibly and the impact has reduced numbers in its home range.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Dr Hook the Saw-shelled Turtle

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 1.2kg Found: On the bank of a creek in Nambour, Queensland with fishing line coming out of her mouth. Transported to: To the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital by the...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures - The Big Splash Collection

Check This Out...............4 Books in 1! Join Bindi as she goes whale-watching, helps with croc-tagging in far north Queensland, snorkels with sharks in the Maldives and catches a wave with sea turtles in California. Contains Bindi Wildlife Adventures Books; A Whale of a Time, C...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Nuebi the Barking Owl

Nuebi is our very handsome barking owl who loves nothing more than a good scratch from his keepers. Nuebi is an important member of the roving wildlife crew, greeting guests throughout the day and getting his photo taken with his new friends. By far his favourite part of the day is the Bird of Pr...

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