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Attention Trainers, be prepared for the ultimate battle at Australia Zoo’s Pokévent this Sunday!

Poké-animals are out and about, and we need your help to catch them all! With a craze that has taken over the world, Trainers from all over have been visiting the Zoo to try and catch our animals' digital counterparts. Australia Zoo has 22 stops that will give Trainers the extra it...

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Animal Facts - Fact 36 Koalas

Male koalas can be up to 50% heavier than females.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Pidgeot the Sooty Owl

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 640gms Found: Poor Pidgeot was found on the ground after he was hit by a car in Beerwah, Queensland. Transported to: Pidgeot was transported to the Australia Zoo W...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures #13 - Jailbreak

The Irwins fly down to Tasmania to take part in a fundraising concert to raise money for the endangered Tasmanian devil. After a terrific start, things take a dramatic turn for the worse when a self-obsessed celebrity, Adam Starr, causes the real stars of the show to escape. Devils on the...

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Ebony the Tasmanian Devil

Ebony is one of the cutest devils that you will ever meet! She was born on the 20th March 2011 and is one of 5 devil joeys born that season. She has a huge personality and is always after a belly scratch with her keepers. When it comes to play time, she is quick to steal the toys to play ...

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You know, hugs are my favourite things. Especially when they're hugs from the most adorable and loveable Python.

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