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Exotic snakes slither in to Australia Zoo!

Early last week, two of the world’s most iconic snakes arrived to their new home at Australia Zoo where they are now the very first exotic venomous snakes to be housed in Queensland! A pair of king cobras and a pair of eastern diamondback rattlesnakes have been settling into their d...

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Animal Facts - Fact 50 Venomous Snakes

Adult Black Tiger Snakes killing large prey do not even need to complete a bite in order to inject venom, this being injected by momentary muscular pressure on the venom gland as the fangs penetrate in an open-mouthed jab-bite.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Karibu the Red-necked Pademelon

Age: Adult Sex: Weight: 3.05kg Found: Karibu was found on the ground after being hit by a car in Lower Beechmont, Queensland. Transported to: Karibu was rescued by a specialised wildlife ...

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Bindi the Saltwater Crocodile

Bindi was caught by Steve in the East Coast Croc Management program back in 1988. She was classed as a problem croc and if she was not caught she would have been shot dead. To avoid such a pointless killing Steve promptly captured her and brought her back to the Zoo. Bindi is a very light coloure...

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Introducing @Queensland's first exotic venomous snakes! We're now home to two king cobras and two eastern diamondba…

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