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Happy World Giraffe Day!

On the 21st of June at 2pm AEST, giraffe enthusiasts Ryan Colbran and Yuka Kobayashi tied the knot and are now celebrating their wedding with family and friends to coincide with World Giraffe Day! In the days leading up to their big day, Ryan and Yuka paid a visit to their favourite anima...

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Animal Facts - Fact 87 Boas and Pythons

When preying upon animals in burrows, there is often little space for the Woma Python to coil around its prey to constrict. In this situation, the Woma Python will utilize its muscular body by pressing its prey up against the burrow wall in order to overpower and suffocate it.

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Wildlife Hospital Patient Profile

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Eddie the Wedge-tailed Eagle

Age: Sub Adult Sex: Weight: 2.4kgs Found: Eddie was found floating in a dam in Gympie, Queensland. Transported to: Concerned for the young wedge-tailed eagle, the farmer pulled Eddie from...

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Bindi Wildlife Adventures - The African Adventures Collection

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Meet Our Amazing Animals

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Alimah the Burmese Python

Alimah is a beautiful and striking albino Burmese python with a lot of personality! She's a very active snake who absolutely loves to explore her home and mess it up, especially just after the keepers have finished cleaning. As Alimah is an albino, her colouration is very different from that of o...

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