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Supporting our local community has always been very important to Terri and Steve Irwin, and of course to the team at Australia Zoo. For decades, we have purchased from the same local suppliers, and as we grow, we continue to support them, and be supported by them in return.

We buy locally, as much, and as often as we can.

Taking the tourism multiplier effect into account, it can be stated that the community benefit from the operations of Australia Zoo is in the order of $86 - 130 million annually (2008).

Australia Zoo also employs over 600 staff of which the majority live locally.

Australia Zoo has a number of fundraising and sponsorship initiatives where we inject over $250,000 a year into local schools, charities and fundraising activities. Australia Zoo also provides a wildlife rescue service and sponsors the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to the tune of $2 million a year.

As Australia Zoo continues to expand, we will also continue to support local businesses as we move into the next stage of development.