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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsorship at Australia Zoo is a great way for your business to be recognised by more than a million visitors a year from all over the world whilst supporting the fight for wildlife conservation.

Align your business with an internationally renowned organisation and bring worldwide attention to your conservation commitments, whilst upholding your environmental and social responsibilities. Give your business a distinct point of difference from your competitors by being a Corporate Sponsor at Australia Zoo. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available, including contra arrangements.

Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing your business is making a difference to wildlife conservation, as a Corporate Sponsor you will receive benefits and lucrative gifts of appreciation tailored to your sponsorship level.

Platinum Corporate Sponsors

SciFleet Toyota Platinum Sponsor

Sci-Fleet Toyota

Sci-Fleet Toyota is a family owned and operated local business that has been servicing  south-east QLD for 40 years. From its humble beginnings in 1979, Sci-Fleet has grown to become one of the largest organisations within the motor vehicle industry. Our commitment and passion to guests has seen us become the largest selling Toyota dealership in Australia and the 15th largest in the world.

We are extremely proud to be ‘Partner’s in Conservation’ with Australia Zoo. Since 2004 we have proudly supported Wildlife Warriors and the Irwin family in their mission to become the most effective wildlife conservation organisation in the world. Being a small part of the Wildlife Warrior’s team and seeing the tremendous projects undertaken is so rewarding to every member of the Sci-Fleet Toyota community.

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Mount Franklin Crocoseum

Coca-Cola Amatil

Coca-Cola Amatil have been corporate sponsors since 2004 supporting projects including Bengal and Sumatran Tiger conservation and, more recently, the Australia Zoo Crocodile Research Trip to the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.

With their help, a total of 170 estuarine crocodiles in the Wenlock River are being tracked, each providing critical data and contributing to the knowledge base of these incredible apex predators. While we can’t take everyone to see crocs in the wild, we can teach you how to stay safe in croc territory in our world-famous Crocoseum!

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Fujifilm have been corporate sponsors of our Asian small-clawed otters since 1995.

Fujifilm brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries including medical, life sciences, consumer electronic, chemical, graphic arts, information systems, photography and office products based on its vast portfolio of digital, optical, fine chemical and thin film coating technologies.

The company provides products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as to improved health and environmental protection.

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We are excited to have Streets as a member of the Australia Zoo family! Between WWI and WWII, Edwin (‘Ted’) Street, with the help of his wife and brother, laid the foundations for what would ultimately become Australia’s biggest and best-known ice-cream manufacturer.

Streets ice-cream was originally made in the back shed by Ted. He would then sell these to neighbours along with sweets, cakes and lemonade. Popularity grew and he soon used a cart, then a one-horse-power motorbike to sell Streets ice-cream.

It continued to grow and, today, Streets ice-cream is sold throughout Australia and New Zealand with well known brands such as Magnum, Paddle Pop and Blue Ribbon tempting ice-cream lovers. Crikey, our guests love munching on these truly iconic Aussie ice-creams!

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Gold Corporate Sponsors


Boral have been a Gold Corporate Sponsor since January 2008.

Boral has signed an agreement with Australia Zoo to plant a Koala fodder plantation on Petrie quarry buffer land, giving Australia Zoo and local Koala carer groups access to the fodder to feed injured & orphaned Koalas, as well as resident koalas.

The koala fodder trees are being cropped or pruned on a regular basis to provide some of the feed for koalas at Australia Zoo and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, and also provide food for Koalas being cared for by registered wildlife carers.  This contribution from Boral assists in a small way to the overall needs of sick and injured Koalas in the region.

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