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Initially a small family business, the expansion of Australia Zoo has seen the Irwin family employing hundreds of energetic people with a variety of skills.

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Have you taken a stroll through Australia Zoo's wondrous Rainforest Aviary? Or have you sat in our Crocoseum while our fantastic birds swoop over your head? Well we are sure you would agree that they are truly amazing and colourful experiences.

Australia Zoo's bird keepers take care of a variety of beautiful birds all around the Zoo. From the little magical birds in our Rainforest Aviary to the cheeky Emus and the Cassowaries. Further on to performing shows in our Crocoseum including the very popular Birds of Prey show... these guys do it all!


The Departments

With thousands of visitors from all over the world passing through the gates daily, all team members understand the importance of making a lasting impression to our patrons. A job at Australia Zoo is more than a vocation, it's a lifestyle - just ask any of our team members. Australia Zoo employees love animals and conservation, have an exceptional self-drive attitude towards work and of course, wear the world famous khaki uniforms with pride! You just have to walk around the Zoo to feel the electricity in the air. The atmosphere creates an exciting experience for all visitors and a dream workplace environment for all employees.

All of our staff are legends... but we aim to recognize those who excel and push the boundaries:
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