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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital treats 90,000th patient

13 January 2020

Ollie, a young platypus found underweight and without his mother, is the 90,000th patient to be admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, since opening in 2004. In the midst of catastrophic conditions for wildlife in Australia, this...

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Australia Zoo Welcomes Sumatran Elephants!

4 December 2019

Australia Zoo is thrilled to announce the arrival of four Critically Endangered female Sumatran elephants as part of the Inter-regional Program for Sumatran Elephants. The Inter-regional Program for Sumatran Elephants works with zoological...

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Robert’s turning 16 and you’re invited!

28 November 2019

On Sunday 1st December, Robert is celebrating his 16th birthday and everyone’s invited! Come and join Robert’s 16th birthday party with a free breakfast, giant inflatable waterslide, birthday cake and to celebrate, children under 14 get...

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Celebrate Steve Irwin Day at Australia Zoo!

14 November 2019

Join us at Australia Zoo on Friday 15th November for Steve Irwin Day, to celebrate the greatest Wildlife Warrior that ever lived!The day will be jam-packed full of fun activities, educational demonstrations and so much more! Start your day early...

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Australia Zoo celebrating Steve Irwin Day!

8 November 2019

On Steve Irwin Day, this Friday November 15th, the Irwin family, Australia Zoo crew and Wildlife Warriors all over the world will be celebrating the life and legacy of the original Wildlife Warrior.Steve Irwin Day will be marked with a live...

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Crikey! International Red Panda Day!

24 September 2019

Saturday 21st September, marked International Red Panda Day and aimed to raise awareness of this endangered and much loved species.  Worryingly, the global red panda population has declined over the last 20 years with reports of less...

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Crikey! Charge on in to see our new king!

18 September 2019

Eight weeks ago, Australia Zoo welcomed a new male southern white rhino named Kingston, to its growing family! After a gestation period of around 16 months, these beautiful rhino calves are born weighing approximately 50kg (110 pounds) and at...

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Spring has sprung, and so has Trauma Season

9 September 2019

The team at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are calling for the public to help save our native Australian wildlife as the weather warms up, breeding season starts and animals are on the move!An orphaned kangaroo joey, Walton, is receiving...

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Australia Zoo has welcomed a new male cassowary, called Kevin!

28 August 2019

Australia Zoo Bird Keeper Jodi Hughes said the new addition is already adored by his keepers!“He has a calm personality but he is very protective of eggs, which indicates he would make a wonderful father in the future,” said...

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Crikey! This cassowary needs a name!

21 August 2019

Australia Zoo is calling for the public to name the newest member of their family, a gorgeous male southern cassowary. Australia Zoo Bird Keeper Jodi Hughes said the team was excited to hear the naming suggestions. “This new...

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