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Australia Zoo is in a unique position as a nature-based attraction promoting conservation values. It is important to Australia Zoo to ensure the protection of any areas of significant environmental value within the zoo properties.

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Such initiatives include:

  • Minimising energy consumption by incorporating natural air flow and light in to public areas (e.g. food court); decreased use of the Big Screen outside show times in the Crocoseum; power saving lights installed in toilet blocks and retail shops.
  • Recycling initiative with Coca-Cola - a number of branded recycling bins placed throughout Australia Zoo to ensure the recycling of aluminium cans and plastic bottles.
  • Mobile phone recycling program - Australia Zoo and Fauna & Flora International (FFI) have developed Answer the Call - a program to help you help a gorilla. Simply by recycling your old, unwanted mobile phones, you'll be helping to save the life of a magnificent great ape in Central Africa.
  • Using environmentally friendly paper for printing - When choosing paper stock for printing, we always ensure that it has been manufactured to an acceptable environmental standard and we never knowingly use paper that has been derived from old-growth or virgin forests.
  • Recycling with Visy for all paper and cardboard, including the use of recycled paper in all office printers, photo copiers and fax machines.
  • Water conservation including the use of bores, dam water for enclosure ponds, timers on all taps and sprinklers. The installation of water saving sensor taps in visitor toilets and desert cubes has seen the reduction in water consumption in urinals of up to 98%.
  • Garden maintenance - the use of mulch on all gardens, including drought resistant plants.
  • The greenhouse gas emissions from the fuel used by the entire Australia Zoo vehicle and bus fleet are 100% offset through the BP Global Choice Program.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning solutions and the reuse of all containers. All by-products from the photography lab are recycled.
  • Biodegradable coffee cups –the food and drink outlets at Australia Zoo have introduced BioCups to their coffee kiosks, with the compostable and biodegradable cups made from plants, not oil. We are making a difference – one cup at a time!