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The fight for conservation is a big job- we can't go it alone. Australia Zoo has formed partnerships with companies from around the globe who kindly offer their help, to make a difference.

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Australia Zoo and the Irwin family have partnered with Green's General Foods to utilise yet another platform to encourage conservation in a fun (and yummy!) way. Not only are kids getting educational wildlife bag tags with Green's packs, but Green's are also making a donation to Australia Zoo Conservation Projects! Wooo hoo!

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna Flora International

Australia Zoo has partnered up with Flora and Fauna International for 'Answer The Call', a program that gives you the chance to make a difference and help save gorillas in central Africa, simply by recycling your old mobile phones.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

In December 2007, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Captain Paul Watson honored Steve Irwin by naming the anti whaling ship after the Crocodile Hunter. Sea Shepherd partnered with Terri Irwin and launched operation Migaloo to intervene against illegal whaling actions by the Japanese whaling fleet.

In 2008, Terri Irwin honored Paul as a Wildlife Warrior at the annual Australia Zoo breakfast. Terri said Paul was a fitting choice as he too is incredibly passionate about protecting whales, which was something Steve was so passionate about.
"Paul is a Wildlife Warrior in every sense of the word. He puts his life on the line to defend the ocean's great mammals and in doing so, has saved 500 whales. What an effort. I know Steve would be so proud," Terri said.

In 1977, Watson founded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - dedicated to research, investigation, and the enforcement of laws, treaties, resolutions, and regulations established to protect marine wildlife and their habitats worldwide.