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 10272 Phones Donated! Gorilla answer the call

Australia Zoo is on a mission to save gorillas in central Africa - and we need your help!

Habitat destruction and poaching are just two of the factors driving this great ape to extinction. Coltan is a rare mineral that is used in the production of electronic devices, including mobile phones. Unfortunately, most of the world's coltan reserves are found in the same region as gorillas and the mining for this rare mineral is destroying their last remaining habitat.

By recycling your old mobile phones, not only are you reducing the demand for coltan but also helping to raise funds for Gorilla conservation. For every phone that is donated, Australia Zoo will donate funds raised to primate conservation.

"We already owe our children an explanation for the state of the planet they will inherit; let's not allow the extinction of the gorilla to be yet another apology."
Giles Clark, International Conservation Manager, Australia Zoo.

Watch the Video - Giles Clarke from Australia Zoo speaks about the mission to save gorillas in central Africa

Gorillas vs Guerillas Sunday Night Program

Gorilla answer the call Gorilla answer the call

Did you Know?

  • Gorillas are the largest living primate in the world.

  • Gorillas are our closest relatives, sharing 98%-99% identical DNA, second only to the chimpanzee.
  • The Four subspecies of gorilla (Mountain, Cross River, Eastern Lowland and Western Lowland) are all under serious threat of becoming extinct. They are all currently classified as endangered or critically endangered.
  • With just 250-300 left in the wild, The Cross River Gorilla is the most critically endangered of the four gorilla subspecies.
  • There are no Mountain Gorillas or Cross River Gorillas in captivity.
  • Adult male gorillas are called Silverbacks because, as they age, a saddle of gray or silver-colored hair develops on their backs.
  • The average lifespan of a gorilla is between 30-50 years.
  • Poaching, habitat destruction, the bush meat trade, civil war and unrest are some of the major facts that are threatening gorillas.
  • Gorillas live in tight knit family groups; if threatened, adults will protect the young of the group with their life.
  • FFI is one of the only conservation organisations that is working to save all four subspecies of gorillas in the wild.
  • Last year alone it was estimated that nearly 9 million mobile phones were sold in Australia, and collectively there could be over 20 million unused mobile phones waiting to be recycled.

Help make a difference - Answer the call!

You can Answer the Call of the gorillas in one of these easy ways:

1. Drop off your old mobile phones at Australia Zoo

2. Collect a postage-free bag on your next visit to Australia Zoo

3. Download a label to post it off yourself free of charge!

  • Reply Paid Label (PDF 410KB)
    Please ensure phone battery is undamaged before posting.

4. Donate a corporate fleet of mobile phones

5. Schools are invited to get donating too.
Email: Australia Zoo's education unit to find out more!

For further enquiries

Phone: +61 7 5436 2000
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