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Irwin's Turtle

“Steve isn’t just discovering new ways to help animals in captivity; he’s discovering new animals in the wild, too. One of Steve’s most famous finds happened way back in the early eighties. He was surveying a river of crocodiles with his dad when he saw an unusual flash of white in the water. With Steve’s usual enthusiasm, and total disregard for unspotted crocodiles, he jumped straight in the river to check it out. Although it managed to elude him, Steve identified this creature, with its white head and pink nose, as a strange turtle, the likes of which he’d never seen before. Steve couldn’t have been more right. Some years after his first encounter, he brought one of these strange turtles in for identification. Not only was Steve’s discovery exciting for the world of herpetology, he also had the honor of having a newfound species of turtle named after him: Irwin’s Turtle, Elseya irwini.”
Terri Irwin. Excerpt from the Crocodile Hunter book.

Only found in one river, Irwin’s Turtle is one of Australia’s least understood turtle species. We believe this species could easily become extinct. We continue to carry out field research, and our future aim is to breed this species; this may be the key to its long-term survival.

“I am so proud to have the most beautiful Australian turtle species named after me. Thanks John.”
Steve Irwin.