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Komodo Dragon and bindi
Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon grows to be the largest monitor in existence, reaching a length in excess of three metres. Being one of the most spectacular species in the world and incredibly intelligent, this animal is truly a living treasure.

Confined to just a few small islands in the Indonesian archipelago, the limited range and highly volatile geology of the area make the Komodo Dragon one of the most threatened monitor species in the world.

Australia Zoo is world renowned for its success with Australian monitor species, and due to the threats surrounding the Komodo Dragon we have embarked on a breeding research program to advance the breeding and husbandry techniques of this remarkable species.

The sheer size of the Komodo Dragon and the subsequent difficulty in housing it have resulted in past breeding programs being focused on small and genetically deficient populations, with mixed success. With the completion of stage one of our state-of-the-art breeding facilities, we hope to address the current problems associated with the global management of Komodo Dragons. Our aim is to provide a blueprint for the protection of this species in the event of its disastrous decline in the wild.

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