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Australia Zoo has partnered with Rainforest Rescue to save the Southern Cassowary!

Rainforest Rescue has initiated the Save The Cassowary campaign in collaboration with Australian partner zoos, government departments, local councils, Aboriginal Corporations and business partners to urgently highlight the future of the endangered 'Rainforest Gardener', the Southern Cassowary.

Current estimates fear fewer than 1,000 birds are left in the Australian wild.

We invite you to join us to save this magnificent and little understood Australian native by getting to know the Cassowary, understanding its vital importance in nature and supporting the projects which protect and ensure its future.

Why do we need a campaign?

  • The Southern Cassowary is endangered and is now under increased threat from loss of habitat due to development, cars, dog attacks and natural disasters.
  • The Southern Cassowary is a direct descendent of the dinosaurs, it's awesome and we're lucky to have it here in Australia!
  • Cassowaries are frugivores (fruit eaters) and are responsible for the distribution and germination of many North Queensland rainforest trees, playing a vital role as the 'rainforest gardener'. Without them, the future of the rainforest is in peril.
  • Southern Cassowaries are shy by nature and only pose a threat to humans and domestic animals when defending their nests or chicks, if they have become accustomed to hand feeding, or when threatened.

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