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Despite their status as the fastest land mammal on earth, cheetahs are fast running out of time with an estimated 9,000 to 12,000 remaining in the wild. The cheetah once ranged throughout all of Africa and across all of Asia. Today, cheetah are only found in Africa and a few small, isolated pockets of land in Iran.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors work in partnership with Cheetah Outreach in South Africa, supporting their Anatolian Shepherd Dog Program which is working to reduce conflict between Cheetah and humans due to prey depletion.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog Program provides farmers with a non-lethal method of managing predators, promoting peaceful co-existence with cheetah. From 6 weeks of age, these impressive dogs are raised exclusively with their herd, their job being to bark and take stance to scare the predator away - Cheetah are quick to retreat from a barking dog.

Farmers in South Africa can now allow the Shepherd to guard the livestock and not be encouraged to shoot or kill the cheetah when seen in the area. This program is at no cost to the farmers.

To date the Cheetah Outreach Anatolian Shepherd Dogs have defended their flocks against baboons, jackals, caracals, cheetahs, leopards and even humans.