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Wish List

The long-term aim of this wish list is to establish the Coolibah base camp on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve as a fully equipped research facility, providing equipment and services to assist scientists and conservationists with their work all year around.

Each item donated will go towards improving the camp facilities and will assist in wildlife research.

To make a donation or to find out more information please call Australia Zoo on 07 5436 2000 or email:

Incremental Donations


Would cover our most essential item... Toilet paper!


Would contribute to the costs of feeding the research team.


Contributes to the educational signage erected around the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.


Covers the cost of servicing the boat motors used to check traps on the Wenlock River.


Will fund an acoustic tracker that will allow us to track crocodiles movements in the Wenlock River.


Would cover a weeks worth of fuel for the croc team.


Allows the team to expand the research base, allowing for more scientific expeditions.


The cost of attaching a GPS tracker and monitoring the crocodile – This donation will give you naming rights to the crocodile being tracked!

Product Donations

large chest freezer

Large Chest Freezer