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Adopt An Animal

By adopting one of our Bengal or Sumatran Tigers at Australia Zoo, you will not only be helping us to provide them with the ultimate in animal care and veterinary needs; you will also join the fight to preserve these amazing creatures in the wild.

Our priority is to ensure that the small population of tiger sub-species left in the wild is able to survive and flourish without the constant threat of poaching and habitat destruction. This is a massive undertaking, and your support is vital to the success of our mission. Learn more about adopting a tiger.

Become a Wildlife Warrior

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Help us safeguard the world’s precious wildlife and its habitat by making a donation to the non-profit organisation Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd. Your commitment will aid in raising awareness and funds to protect the natural environment and threatened or endangered species. Learn more about becoming a Wildlife Warrior.

Don’t support the wildlife products trade

Our big cat handlers have identified some easy but important ways that you can help promote the survival of tigers and other wildlife.

  • Don’t buy products made from or containing endangered species – traditional Chinese medicines, souvenirs and lucky charms. While there is a demand for these products, animals will continue to be slaughtered.
  • Don’t buy products made from hardwood timber such as teak and mahogany. This hardwood comes from virgin forests that are not logged in a sustainable manner and are the homes to many of the world’s endangered species. Even the brand of office paper you use in your computer at home may affect these forests.
  • Invest your money wisely. Many of today’s financial institutes invest in unethical programs, both against the environment and human rights, using your money to do so.
  • Buy fair trade products – make sure that the product you are buying is not supporting the abuse of people in developing countries. Poverty and environmental degradation often do hand in hand.