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Steve, Terri and members of their Australia Zoo team have made significant contributions to the scientific community, not just through executing active, physical research and study missions, but also by sharing their knowledge and discoveries with the world. Click on the links below to read some of the fascinating articles the Irwins and their team have written about conservations projects we believe in.

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Satellite Tracking Reveals Long Distance Coastal Travel and Homing by Translocated Estuarine Crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus

By Mark A. Read, Gordon C. Grigg, Steve R. Irwin, Danielle Shanahan, Craig E. Franklin. Published on Sept 2007
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Breeding Behaviour of the Canopy Goanna

By Kelsey Engle, Australia Zoo Curator
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Cocodrilos de la Laguna del Carpintero

By Autora Ortega Contribution by Steve Irwin Published in The Daily Tampico, Mexico, February 13 2003
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Crocodiles vs. People: A Possible Solution?

By Steve & Terri Irwin and Barry & Shelley Lyons Published in Wildlife Australia, autumn 1998 edition
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Harriet the Galapagos Tortoise, Disclosing One and a Half Centuries of History

By Scott Thomson, Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin Published in Reptilia, March/April 1998
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The Cooperative Conservation of the Fijian Crested Iguana

By Terri Irwin Presented at the ARAZPA/ASZK Conference, Perth, April 3 – 7 1995
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The Poorly Known Rusty Monitor Varanus semiremex: History, Natural History, Captive Breeding and Husbandry

R. Jackson. 2005. The poorly known Rusty Monitor Varanus semiremex:
History, Natural History, Captive Breeding and Husbandry. Herpetofauna 35(1): 15-24