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Education at Australia ZooDuring Your Visit

Driveway guidelines:

Please be advised that due to existing scheduled bus services and safety reasons, there will be restricted entry to the driveway between 3.30pm and 4pm. Please schedule pick-ups outside these times.

The driveway is for bus, coach and disabled pick-up and set-down only. Private vehicles are to utilize the car park opposite the entrance. Please limit time spent in driveway to 5 minutes.

Drivers in charge of payment are asked to park first before making their way through to Admissions. Drivers are asked not to pull into the driveway if it is full. Please loop around the car park and wait, rather than pulling half way into the driveway and blocking passage along Zoo Road.

The person in charge of the group should report to the Group Bookings booth #6 (on the far right) to finalise the invoice and receipts.


If you need to store lunches or eskies, please head to the Locker Hire area (turn right once you've entered the Zoo, or ask a staff member for directions, map reference A4).

Education at Australia Zoo

If your group would like to eat morning tea on arrival there are tables at the Locker Hire area, but please note that this space will only accommodate one class. Your group is welcome to eat in the Crocoseum while you watch the shows.

Food is available for purchase from the Crikey Café Food Court and the Dingo Diner. There is also plenty of seating in these areas. If you wish to organise group dining in the Crikey Café Foodcourt, you can prearrange this by calling them on (07) 5436 2028.

Your group may also like to sit on the grass area next to Cameron, the giant crocodile (sculpture). The grass areas next to the Kids Zoo and inside the kangaroo enclosures are not recommended (the ground may be contaminated as animals graze in this area).


On arrival, the closest toilets are located just inside Admissions. You'll find them around to the left, past the Croc Lair shop. Throughout the day the most convenient toilets for your group are located on the ground floor of the Australian Pavilion, map reference F4 near the Information Desk (plenty of stalls to facilitate a shorter pit stop!).

There are toilets located on both sides of the Crocoseum on the upper level, if your group chooses to watch the Crocoseum show. There are also toilets located throughout the Zoo at the Tasmanian Devils, Emus, Foodcourt level of the Australian Pavilion and at the Tiger Temple. These are all marked on your map.


It is imperative that students are under the direct supervision of either a teacher or supervising adult for the duration of their visit. This is both for their own safety, as well as the welfare of our animals. Please ensure that all supervising adults are aware of this supervision policy.

Australia Zoo allows a free of charge ratio to assist with supervision. Students are not permitted to walk around the Zoo unaccompanied (i.e. 'free time').


All areas of the Zoo have disabled access including toilets.


Please ensure that your students do not sit on or place any part of their body over fences of enclosures. All students need to arrive prepared, with hats, sunscreen and water bottles to prevent sunburn and dehydration.

Australia Zoo has comprehensive first aid facilities and equipment including defibrillators, and fully qualified first aid staff. If you require First Aid please contact any member of staff and remain at that location with the sick/injured person until help arrives. First Aid will come to you.

Animal welfare:

Education at Australia Zoo

Please do not permit students to bang on fences or tap on glass enclosures or harass the animals.

Please feed our animals the correct food (kangaroo food or farm food from the Kids Zoo). Any other food may make them sick. Please place litter in the bin so it does not fall/blow into enclosures and cause harm to our animals.

Any person found chasing the animals or throwing objects into the enclosures will be asked to leave.

Please note that the information presented here is a guide only for completing a risk assessment. We strongly recommended that excursion organisers visit the Zoo prior to the excursion, to ensure a complete and thorough risk assessment. Free of charge entry (known as a Teacher Sneak Peek) can be arranged for this purpose by contacting the Education Department at Australia Zoo.

Things to do:

We’re not just amazing animals on display; there are plenty of other things your class can check out at Australia Zoo.

  • The highlight of our daily entertainment is our Crocoseum Show. During "Wildlife Warriors 101" you can take a seat and relax as the snakes slither out at 12:00am. Then look out for our feathered friends as they fly right over your head in free flight, and to finish off, crocs rule as the spectacular Saltwater Crocodile is fed! Grab a seat in the top half of the stadium so that you'll be protected from the weather; rain, hail or shine!
  • On the other hand, if the Animal Planet Crocoseum doesn't sound like your cup of tea, this is a perfect time for your group to check out the rest of the Zoo in relative peace and quiet.
  • Our Kids’ Zoo is home to goats, pigs, and sheep. These animals love a pat any time of the day. Bags of farm food and kangaroo food are available for purchase from the Kids’ Zoo for $2 (located at G3 on your map). Alternatively you can pre-order farm or kangaroo food when you make your booking.
  • Make sure your class checks out our Koala Walk Through enclosure. Look up into the trees and see if you can spot the koalas. If you're lucky you might even be able to pat one!
  • The kangaroos like a pat too but there are some important rules your students need to know first:
    • Please walk in the kangaroo enclosures, (running or shouting can scare the roos)
    • Please pat only on the back, not on the head, feet or tail (so the kangaroo doesn't feel threatened)
    • Please don't crowd around a kangaroo. Remember, they can't jump backwards. Please make sure it has a clear path if it wants to move away.
    • Mother kangaroos can be very protective; for your own safety, please do not touch joeys.
    • Please respect our kangaroo’s privacy if they have chosen to retire in their Rest Area.
  • Keep an eye out for our Wandering Wildlife. You will see zoo keepers roving our animals through the Zoo during the day. Go up and check it out, some of the animals will even enjoy having a pat! But please listen to the keeper's instructions. Most animals can only be patted by one student at a time.
  • Catch a ride on Steve's Safari Shuttle. Give your feet a rest and learn all about the Zoo at the same time. Please note that students must be supervised on the Shuttle.

Crikey! Your day will be jam packed full of adventures, and as wild as a school day gets!!