Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

It’s Time to get Wild!

Steve once said, “when people touch an animal, the animal touches their heart. And instantly, we’ve won them over to the conservation of that species.” Our  Australia Zoo animal encounters do just that – they get you up close and personal with our incredible wildlife.

Discover why each animal is so important in the wild and be inspired to join our mission in conservation! Learn from our passionate keepers about each animal’s unique personality and fall in love, just like us!

Rascally Red Panda Encounter

Time: 9:00am | Price: $79.00 per person

Red pandas are found throughout the Himalayan Mountains and it’s a rare treat to be able to get up close to these gorgeous guys. Meeting one of our red panda residents here at Australia Zoo, you will experience firsthand just how soft and fluffy they are!

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Cute Koala Encounter

Time: 9:30am, 11:00am, 1:45pm & 3:30pm | Price: $49.00 per person

Meet a very special Aussie icon, the cute koala! During this encounter you can pat one of our gorgeous koalas and learn all about these marvellous marsupials. Our wonderful keepers will be on hand to answer all your questions and share what is involved in caring for this very special Australia Zoo resident.

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Madagascar Madness Encounter

Time: 9:30am | Price: $79.00 per person

Meet our gorgeous black-and-white ruffed lemurs! These curious creatures are only found in the wild on the island of Madagascar, so this encounter is truly something special. Watch these playful primates showing off as they swing and leap from tree to tree with ease.

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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Tour

Time: 10:00am, 2:30pm & 3:30pm | Price: $19.00 per person

Visit Australia’s busiest wildlife hospital, where you can observe the extraordinary team of vets and nurses as they save precious wildlife right in front of your eyes. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital opened in 2004, inspired by the unwavering work of Steve’s mum, Lyn Irwin, who was a pioneer in wildlife care.

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Farmyard Fun Encounter

Time: 10:00am | Price: $19.00 per person

The kids will love our Farmyard Fun encounter! Meet our gorgeous farmyard friends at our bespoke Kids Zoo. Help out with some of the daily duties including feeding, brushing and treating our animals to some love and affection.

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Mischievous Meerkats Encounter

Time: 10:00am & 3:00pm | Price: $79.00 per person

Meet our cheeky mob of meerkats. At just 30 centimetres tall, these playful girls make up for their small stature with their BIG personalities! They’re friendly, clever and confident, each with their very own unique characteristics. These girls weigh less than one kilogram and they just love meeting our visitors.

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Regal Eagle Encounter

Time: 10:15am | Price: $29.00 per person

Come face-to-face with the bird that rules the Australian skies, the mighty wedge-tailed eagle! These impressive birds are the largest raptors in Australia and, here at Australia Zoo, you can witness their power up close in this breathtaking encounter.

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Leapin’ Lemurs Encounter

Time: 10:30am | Price: $79.00 per person

Meet our tremendous troop of ring-tailed lemurs. This is a magical experience from the moment you board the barge that takes you to our very own Lemur Island. On this exciting encounter you can get up close with our lovely lemurs and they might even take some food right out of your hand or climb onto your shoulders!

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Tiger Cub Walk Encounter

Time: 10:30am | Price: $199.00 per person

Join our beautiful Sumatran tiger cub and his keepers on one of his daily walks through Australia Zoo. You’ll be in awe of this amazing animal and will never forget this once in a lifetime experience. The sheer size of this big cub and the intensity of his eyes is like nothing you’ve experienced before and the bond he shares with his keepers is truly amazing!

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Colossal Komodo Encounter

Time: 11:00am | Price: $120.00 per person

Australia Zoo is the only zoo in Queensland where you can get up close with a Komodo dragon! Komodo dragons are the largest species of lizard, growing to lengths of over 3 metres and weighing up to 100 kilograms. Crikey! Hang out with this amazing, endangered species during our Colossal Komodo Encounter.

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Giant Giraffe Snapshot

Time: 11:00am & 3:15pm | $39.00 (up to five people)

Did you know giraffe are the tallest land mammal in the world? This gentle giant can reach heights of 5.5 metres and weigh up to 1900 kilograms. Crikey! Here at Australia Zoo you have the chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful animals by hand-feeding one of our gorgeous giraffes.

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Sweetheart Possum Encounter

Time: 11:15am | Price: $29.00 per person

Our playful possum loves being fed grapes and blossoms. On this encounter, you’ll have the opportunity to get up close to these sweethearts and you may even be lucky enough to hand feed our little beauty some treats!

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Cheeky Cheetah Snapshot

Time: 11:30am | Price: $69.00 (up to two people)

Meet the fastest land animal in the world – the cheetah! Marvel over their majestic markings and get up so close you can hear them purr. This encounter will get you an epic snapshot with one of our beautiful cheetahs. Crikey!

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Wombat Walk Encounter

Time: 11:30am | Price: $49.00 per person

Have a wander around Australia Zoo alongside one of our gorgeous wombats. These cheeky Aussie icons would love to take you on a walk around Australia Zoo as they scout out the best grass to graze on. Our Wombat Walk is a great way to learn about these marvellous mammals.

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Cheeky Cheetah Encounter

Time: 1:00pm | Price: $150.00 per person

Spend some time learning all there is to know about the fastest land mammal in the world – the cheetah! Our passionate keepers will introduce you to these incredible creatures that are endangered in the wild. On this encounter, you’ll get up close to these cute cats and learn all about their cheeky personalities.

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Totally Tortoise Encounter

Time: 1:00pm | Price: $29.00 per person

Meet the largest land tortoise in the world – the Aldabra tortoise! This grand animal can grow up to one metre tall and weigh up to 300 kilograms. Crikey! These gentle giants absolutely love a pat and you’ll be able to watch them munch through their lunch whilst you learn all about these reptiles from our awesome keepers.

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Utterly Outrageous Otters Encounter

Time: 1:15pm | Price: $79.00 per person

Crikey! Experience an utterly exciting opportunity right here. Come enjoy lunchtime with our cheeky Asian small-clawed otters, in our fabulous otter encounter! Help our awesome keepers train and feed these cute marine mammals some of their favourite treats.

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By Jingo Dingo Encounter

Time: 1:45pm | Price: $49.00 per person

By Jingo! Our friendly dingoes just love meeting new people and during this encounter you can get up close to these gorgeous Australian animals. Did you know dingoes don’t bark, they howl like wolves? Give them a scratch and you may even get a loving lick on the nose!

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Ripper Rhinos Encounter

Time: 2:15pm | Price: $79.00 per person

Crikey! Come face-to-face with our magnificent two-tonne rhino in this unique experience. Learn from our keepers about the second largest land mammal in the world and discover why the southern white rhino is so special. On this once-in-a-lifetime encounter you will get the chance to give this amazing animal a pat.

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Naughty Wombat Encounter

Time: 2:30pm | Price: $49.00 per person

Get closer than ever to this native mammal in their home here at Australia Zoo. You’ll get the chance to feed and pat this gorgeous animal. These cool mammals, native to Australia, have a backward facing pouch so they can still dig burrows when carrying young. What a ripper!

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Spiky Little Echidna Encounter

Time: 2:45pm | Price: $39.00 per person

Take part in an interactive, educational experience with one of Australia's native icons! This sticky-beaked creature is one of the most interesting animals around, and you'll never forget this up close encounter. These gorgeous, spiky, little echidnas may even sit on your lap so you can hand feed them. Crikey!

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You Beaut Binturong Encounter

Time: 3:00pm | Price: $59.00 per person

Crikey! What in the world is a binturong? Well right here at Australia Zoo you can find out! With their shaggy black fur, stiff white whiskers and small adorable face, you will fall in love with these unusual, adorable creatures and believe it or not, they smell just like popcorn.

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The Fast and The Fabulous

Time: 3:25 PM | $49 per person

Calling all bird lovers! Don’t miss your opportunity to get up close and see firsthand our fast and fabulous parrots and breathtaking brahminy kite. These brilliant birds will take to the skies before landing straight onto your arm and striking a picture-perfect pose.

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Gorgeous Elephant Encounter

Time: 3:30pm | Price: $139.00 per person

Imagine getting right up close to the largest land animal in the world. Crikey! You will certainly appreciate the size of these awesome animals as you go right into their home and personally meet our gorgeous Sumatran Elephants!

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Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital Sneak Peek

Time: ALL DAY | Price: $2.00 per person

Stop in at the amazing Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for a sneak peek and see some of our incredible vets and nurses at work from behind the glass of our dedicated viewing area. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital opened in 2004, inspired by the wonderful work of Steve’s mum, Lyn Irwin, who was a pioneer in wildlife care.

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Feed Our Kangaroos and Wallabies

Time: ALL DAY | Price: $3.00 per bag of roo food

Have a go at this! Pat and hand-feed our gorgeous gorgeous red kangaroos, grey kangaroos, swamp wallabies, rock wallabies and red-necked wallabies as they roam and relax within their vast home. Purchase some roo food at the Australia Zoo Information Desk, Kids Zoo or any of our our gift shops.

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Feed the Kids Zoo Babies

Time: Open hours displayed on signage at Kids Zoo | Price: $3.00 per bag of food

Here’s some farmyard fun for kids of all ages! Everyone loves hand-feeding our beautiful baby animals at Kids Zoo. Woo-hoo! Sheep, goats and pigs are some of the awesome animals that the littlest of animal lovers can feed.

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Pat a Koala

Time: ALL DAY | Price: FREE

Check out our Koala Walk Through where you can get up close and personal with one of our cute koalas. Look out for the designated petting area where you are able to pat one of these fluffy marsupials. One of our friendly staff members will help you meet one of our adorable koalas and assist with any questions you have.

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