Furry Fun Tour

Furry Fun Tour

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The Furry Fun Tour is a day of action-packed, hands-on adventure for the whole family to enjoy. Get up close and personal with some some of our furry friends who call Australia Zoo home.  You will fall in love with our rascally red panda, you-beaut binturongs, wicked wombats and cuddly koalas, just to name a few!

You will enjoy 5-star service from our knowledgeable tour guides as they chauffer you around our world-class, 110-acre facility, on-board your very own private caddie. In the Wildlife Warriors Show you can watch all of the jaw-snapping, death-rolling action unfold in our world-famous Crocoseum from your VIP, reserved seating. Woohoo!

The Furry Fun Tour includes:

  • Admission
  • Private Caddie Tour
  • Koala Photo
  • Binturong Encounter
  • Rascally Red Panda Encounter
  • Naughty Wombat Encounter
  • Otter Show

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