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How do I get to the Zoo?

It's easy to figure out how to get here with our handy guide. Whether you're travelling by rail, by coach or by car, we can help you out.

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How much does admission to Australia Zoo cost?

Adult Ticket: $59.00

Child Ticket: $35.00

Family 5 Ticket 2 adult and 3 children: $189.00

Pensioner Ticket: $47.00

Student Ticket: $47.00

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What days and times is the Zoo open?

Australia Zoo is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm every day of the year excluding Christmas Day.

When did the Zoo first open?

The Zoo was opened in 1970 by Steve’s parents, Bob and Lyn Irwin. Back then it was spread over a mere four acres (as opposed to 100 today) and was called the Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park. Find out how to learn more about Australia Zoo’s history here.

How did Steve and Terri meet?

Steve and Terri met at Australia Zoo (then called the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park) in 1992. Terri was on vacation in Australia from her native Oregon, USA, and stopped in at the park to satisfy her keen interests in seeing Australian wildlife and how it is managed. Steve was giving a crocodile demonstration that day, and it was love at first sight! Learn more about Steve and Terri's fascinating history.

How many animals are at Australia Zoo?

More than 1000 animals live at Australia Zoo. We have a broad range of native and exotic mammals, reptiles and birds. Many were born right here at the Zoo, while others have been rescued and deemed unfit for release or were brought here from other zoos.

How many people work at Australia Zoo?

We have an amazing, passionate and dedicated team of approximately 510 people, and it is constantly growing! Learn more about the Zoo Crew.

How do I apply for a job at Australia Zoo?

Learn about employment opportunities at Australia Zoo or to submit an online application form.

What animals can I feed at Australia Zoo?

You can hand-feed our gorgeous Asian Elephants for FREE! Purchase farm food or Roo Food to hand-feed our cute baby farm animals or iconic kangaroos and wallabies. Sign up for a fantastic hands-on Animal Encounter with our Wombats, Tortoises, Possums and Echidnas to enjoy your own private feeding session.

Can I feed the crocodiles at Australia Zoo?

No. Crocodiles are magnificent apex predators and they certainly are beautiful, but under no circumstances does Australia Zoo or the Irwin family encourage the general public to come into contact with them. Our crocodile keepers are highly competent individuals and undergo rigorous training before they are allowed to be inside a crocodile enclosure. At Australia Zoo we like to educate our guests about crocodile safety, and the best way to stay safe in crocodile territory is to keep out of it!

Can I join a mailing list for regular updates on the Zoo?

Absolutely! Sign up for Crikey Connection. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date and informed about all of the exciting things happening at the Zoo, and it’s FREE. Crikey Connection subscribers sometimes receive discounts and special offers, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox! Another way to get inside information on Australia Zoo and the incredible Irwins is to join Zoo Club. Members of Zoo Club receive special welcoming gifts (including the official Australia Zoo green and gold keeper hat), our quarterly full-colour Australia Zoo magazine, and exclusive access to their own private section of the Australia Zoo website, Zoo Club Login – packed every month with behind-the-scenes extras such as never-before-seen-or-heard photos, video and audio material of the awesome Irwin family. Join today!