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Australia Zoo’s first koala joey makes his debut!

19 April 2016

In the past week, one of Australia Zoo’s newest explorers has poked his head out of the pouch to look at the world for the first time! This new koala joey is the first of a group of joeys born on Koala Island as part of Australia Zoo’s...

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Australia Zoo's tiger cub names announced with a big surprise!

13 April 2016

Earlier this week, Bindi Irwin and head of Australia Zoo’s Big Cats department, Geoff Neubecker introduced Scout and Delilah, Australia Zoo’s newly named male and female tiger cubs to the world! These are the second pair of cubs born at...

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Australia Zoo’s baby rhino is on display!

25 February 2016

In recent weeks, one of Australia Zoo’s newest babies – Humphrey the white rhino calf – has joined the rest of the white rhino crash on our African savannah. Humphrey is settling into daily life extremely well, bonding happily with...

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Australia Zoo welcomes new rhino baby!

15 October 2015

At 6am AEST on Sunday 11th October, our beloved Caballe the rhinoceros welcomed another baby - a precious male calf. This new addition is the fourth rhino baby to be born at the Zoo in four years! After a labour that lasted only two hours, both...

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Australia Zoo’s newest and cutest trio have made their big debut!

1 October 2015

Our three new resident alpine dingo puppies Jira, Archie and Eve, have found their new home with us here at the Zoo and are ready to greet families just in time for the school holidays! Making their TV debut earlier today, this energetic trio...

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Hume the koala’s long-awaited climb to freedom

19 May 2015

After two years of continuous treatment for a debilitating disease, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's most long-term patient, Hume the koala, was finally released back into the wild last week. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital team who has...

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Hunter and Clarence, also known as Spot and Stripe.

Australia Zoo’s tigers earn their stripes with Australian release of Tigers About the House

28 April 2015

Australia’s most-loved tiger cubs Hunter and Clarence (also known by their nicknames Spot and Stripe) are due to hit Australian TV screens this week, as Channel Nine’s multi-channel GEM shares the BBC2 documentary Tigers About the...

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Dexter and Tallow make the big move to koala pre-school!

6 April 2015

Australia Zoo's youngest koala joeys, Tallow and Dexter, made the big move away from their mums last week as they prepare for koala pre-school! The brave one year-old joeys moved into their new home near Australia Zoo's Crocoseum, where they'll now...

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Update on Speartooth Shark Research – Wenlock River March 2015

1 April 2015

Australia Zoo has been researching the critically endangered Speartooth Shark Glyphis glyphis in the Wenlock and Ducie Rivers since 2012, in collaboration with the University of Queensland and CSIRO. These rivers, which bound the Steve Irwin...

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Chip snuggles into Shanina Shaik and Australia Zoo keeper Olivia while shooting the Harper's BAZAAR cover.

Chip the koala “shaiks” up the world of fashion on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR

17 March 2015

Australia Zoo's resident supermodel, Chip the koala, has graced the cover of Harper's BAZAAR Australia this month alongside Victoria's Secret supermodel Shanina Shaik. The 15 month-old koala made her modelling debut in the April issue of BAZAAR...

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