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(Eolophus roseicapillus)

Australia Zoo is now home to three beautiful Galahs Neville, Gerah and Jarrah. These three cheeky birds are new additions to our free flight birdshow crew and are right in the middle of training for the Crocoseum show. Our galahs have been at the zoo for about six months now and have been progressing quite well through the basics of training.

When our three musketeers first arrived at the zoo Neville and Gerah were the stand out for affection and basic willingness to be around people, little Jarrah however was much more standoffish and it took quite a lot more time to get her to do even the most basic of training. But eventually with persistence and patience Jarrah has now progressed through perch to fist flights, person to person flights and has even mastered going in and out of a pet pack for relocation purposes. Neville and Gerah of course being such friendly birds breezed through there basic training of perch to fist, fist to fist and finally out door free flight work and all three were relocated to the Crocoseum aviaries in anticipation of their addition to the show.

Once at the Crocoseum the hard stuff began, this being learning a specific routine and completing it in the time constraints of the show. As always Neville and Gerah are doing well with their hatch release training which is one of the most daunting training behaviours as there is a lot of noise involved in this process, and have progressed to flying out to the mat in the middle of the Crocoseum and have started returning home well, so in no time expect to see these to little stars out in the show. Jarrah whilst still the slowest of the three is also progressing well at her own rate and has got hatch training down and is almost ready to go outside with the others.

Next time your at the zoo make sure you swing by and check out these three very new very cute additions to the show and fall in love with all of our feathered friends.