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(Cacatua leadbeateri)

Major Mitchell's are one of the smaller cockatoo species and can often be found in large flocks. They often gather at dawn and dusk to drink at waterholes throughout their arid range.


Major Mitchell's live in sparely timbered grass lands, scrub lands, stands of cypress pines growing along sand ridges, casuarinas covering rocky outcrops, mallee and trees surrounding cereal fields or bordering watercourses.


Mitchell's spend most of the day feeding on the ground or among the branches of trees and shrubs. They eat seeds, nuts, fruits and roots, particularly the seeds of cypress pine Callitris and acacias.


Couples nest in hollow limbs of trees. They line the bottom with wood dust and bark strips which are removed from the entrance to their nest hole. Both parents incubate - the male during the day and female at night. They breed from May through to December, with mating occurring earlier in the north than in the south.

Major Mitchells Cockatoo Profiles


Roma the Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Sex: Male

Roma is a member of the Bird Show team and is certainly not shy of the large crowds at the Zoo!

When he first started he was a little bit nervous and was slow to take to the air, but after watching his brother Warrego zipping around he was quickly encouraged to leave his perch. Roma now spends most of his show time wheeling his way around the Crocoseum impressing the crowd with his antics.




Sex: Male

Tullock (Roma's brother) is quite a little thinker. When he is asked to do something he will often just sit there for a moment, contemplate the task at hand and then work out the easiest way to accomplish his goal. This has meant that Tullock has ended up being a bit more of a confident flier than his brother, and he works things out a lot quicker, including the best way to get his favourite treat, a variety of nuts.


Warrego the Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Age: 14 Years (DOB 5/10/2003)

Sex: Male

Warrego is the loudest member of the free flight bird show team. Now when I say loud, I mean a persistent screaming that he does whenever anyone is around, whilst he is waiting to fly. This is because Warrego is still only a young fella and still feels that he needs to communicate a lot with his trainers. As time goes by it may slowly disappear.

Not only is Warrego loud, but he is also very hyperactive. When he is flying, whether it be in the show or just anywhere around the Zoo, he gets so excited that he flies with his crest up and he does the very quick zigging and zagging that the majority of parrot species do, when they are excited. This puts on a great display for the public and Warrego certainly puts his all into every show that he performs.