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(Casuarius casuarius)

Cassowaries stand between 1.5-2 metres in height with both sexes similar in appearance. Adults are striking with their glossy black plumage and bright blue neck with touches of red. The female is larger than the male and is also the more aggressive of the two. Cassowaries are the heaviest bird in Australia.


Cassowaries are distributed throughout the western and southern areas of New Guinea. In Australia it is restricted to tracts of rainforest in north-east Queensland, from Cape York to Townsville. Cassowary habitat has diminished as a result of agriculture and urbanisation in these areas.


Cassowaries are frugivores (fruit eaters) and are responsible for the distribution and germination of many north Queensland rainforest trees. Without cassowaries, our rainforests may not be able to survive.


Cassowaries do not mate for life or form permanent bonds. The female may mate with several males in a single breeding season (June to October), thus producing several nests. Once the eggs are laid, it is up to the male to incubate the eggs for 2 months and then raise the chicks for a further 9 months.

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Cassowary Profiles

Babinda Beepa Stomp

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Cassowary Profiles


Babinda the Southern Cassowary

Age: 19 Years (DOB 30/10/2000)

Sex: Female

Babinda is named after a small town in Cairns where wild cassowaries can be found. She has a fiery personality and likes to know what the keepers are up to at all times! She enjoys a shower under the sprinklers on hot summer days and she likes to make her presence known by bellowing loudly. Her favourite fruits are watermelon, grapes and tomato. She also loves pineapple as a bit of an occasional treat! Babinda is part of our breeding program and for the past couple of years has been partnered with our male cassowary Rocky. Whilst they havent been successful in producing chicks yet we are still very hopeful    


Brett with Beepa

Age: 30 Years (DOB 30/12/1989)

Sex: Male

Beepa is a captive born cassowary moved to Australia Zoo at three years of age. As far as a cassowary goes, we consider Beepa to be quite placid. We are hopefully the female cassowaries will appreciate his easy going nature as much as we do! 



Age: 31 Years (DOB 1/1/1989)

Sex: Female

Stomp! Her name says it all! If this lady got hold of you, you'd be in big trouble. This long legged beauty has been with us since 1992. Stomp certainly seems to have a soft spot for Rocky and we hope by the end of the breeding season, we will have a story to tell!