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ANIMAL FACTS - Kangaroos

A big male Eastern Grey Kangaroo can measure up to 2.8 meters from his nose to the tip of his tail, and can weigh up to 66kg. Females are much smaller, reaching approximately 32kg.

Crikey - More Animal Facts!

Kangaroos are the largest marsupial surviving on earth today. They are well known for their style of movement; hopping on their hind legs whilst using their large, muscular tail for balance. Kangaroos use their tail like an extra leg when they are manoeuvring around, or standing still. Kangaroos are one of the only animals that are not able to move backwards easily, and this is why they are used on the Australian national emblem.

Kangaroos graze on plant matter such as grass, heath plants and young shoots and are well adapted for arid environments obtaining most of the water they require from the food they eat. Kangaroos have good eyesight and excellent hearing and they use their large ears to pick up even the slightest sounds. Kangaroos live in social groups, called "mobs".

Our Sub-Species

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Macropus giganteus
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Ivory Violet

Red Kangaroo

Macropus rufus
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Red-necked Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus
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Black-footed Rock Wallaby

Petrogale lateralis
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