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(Python molurus bivittatus)


The Burmese python is found throughout South-East Asia, Burma, Sumatra, Borneo and Malaya. They usually live near water and will inhabit grasslands, marshes, swamps, rocky foothills, woodlands, river valleys and jungles with open clearings. It is also quite common for them to enter surrounding villages.


Burmese pythons prey on small mammals, up to the size of a pig or small deer, however, smaller snakes will eat birds, lizards, other snakes, frogs, and even fish. It depends on the python's size as to what size prey they can consume. Burmese pythons are usually nocturnal hunters and often ambush their prey with a sit and wait technique. They require little more than their own body weight of food per year.


Mating season occurs toward the end of the cooler months. The Burmese python lays on average between 20 and 60 eggs about 3-4 months after mating. The female will coil her body around the eggs to protect and incubate them. She uses muscular contractions, similar to shivering, to keep her body temperature several degrees above that of the surrounding air. The female will incubate the eggs for 60-80 days.

How They Eat

Burmese Pythons constrict their prey. This involves the snake tightly coiling around the prey, not crushing it, but severely restricting movement. As the prey breathes out the tightening coils prevent the prey from inhaling. Very quickly the prey item asphyxiates (suffocates). To accomplish this, pythons are extremely muscular and usually heavy bodied snakes.

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Burmese Python Profiles

Alimah Medusa

Burmese Python Profiles


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Age: 17 Years (DOB 15/6/2002)

Sex: Male

Alimah is a beautiful and striking albino Burmese python with a lot of personality! He's a very active snake who absolutely loves to explore his home and mess it up, especially just after the keepers have finished cleaning.

As Alimah is an albino, his colouration is very different from that of other Burmese pythons. His beautiful scales are various shades of cream and bright yellow, instead of brown-coloured hues, making him a real stand-out snake!



Age: 29 Years (DOB 1/12/1990)

Sex: Female

Medusa the gorgeous Burmese python may often be seen here at Australia Zoo allowing people get up and close and personal to learn more about these amazing animals.

Burmese Pythons like Medusa have been known to reach six metres long and weigh in excess of 80 kilograms. Medusa still has some growing to do yet.