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(Morelia viridis)

Green Pythons are without a doubt the most stunning snake Australia has to offer. The striking emerald green helps this species blend in with the rainforest canopy it calls home. Like other arboreal snakes, Green Pythons rest in coils over a narrow branch with their head lying in the middle. Adults range in colour from emerald green to almost sky-blue depending on where they live.


Green Pythons inhabit monsoon rainforests of Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya and are also found in a tiny area of Cape York Peninsula in Australia.


Green Pythons are arboreal (tree dwellers). They hunt actively in trees for birds, lizards and other tree dwelling creatures. They ambush their prey in trees, hiding and hanging on with their strong bodies. They will often eat their prey while still hanging upside down from their tails and they have been known to lure their prey within striking distance by lying very still and wriggling their tail. Pythons are constrictors which means they coil their body around their prey, constricting and slowly suffocating their prey. Constriction causes the chest cavity to lapse, deflates the lungs and compresses the heart.


Breeding season begins in August and ends in December, and the female will lay up to 25 eggs in each clutch. The incubation period is 50-60 days. Like all pythons, Green Pythons lay eggs. The female will coil around her eggs, occasionally shivering to maintain temperatures at an optimum level for embryo development (approximately 30 degrees Celsius). Once hatched, the babies are bright yellow or brick red in colour until approximately 12 months when they begin to turn the spectacular emerald green of the adults.


Green Pythons are threatened by habitat destruction and illegal collection from the wild. We must protect this gem of Australian Reptiles, nothing comes close to the splendour of this snake.

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Green Python Profiles


Green Python Profiles



Age: 22 Years (DOB 20/11/1997)

Sex: Female

Jade is our princess of Green pythons because she is so beautiful. Now I know most people would say that ALL Green pythons are beautiful but really you need to see Jade to know what we mean! Green pythons grow to a length of 1.8 meters, are non venomous and are rarely active through the day. You will find these gorgeous snakes resting in their coils on the highest branches of their home. They are definitely the most stunning snake Australia has to offer.