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(Aspidites ramsayi)

Growing to lengths of 3 metres, the Woma Python has an orange head and a light tan coloured body with darker bands.


The Woma Python inhabits South Western Queensland, Central Australia and parts of Western Australia. They will normally be seen residing in grasslands, shrubland and woodlands. They often take shelter in animal burrows where they will create a depression in the sand in which to shelter.


Primarily a reptile and mammal eater, the Woma Python on the left is hunting in a rock ledge for lizards or snakes. The Woma Python eats many species of Australia's most venomous snakes and is actually immune to venomous snake bites.


Australia Zoo has always had a great reputation for breeding endangered reptiles and once again we have had the good fortune to have one of Australia's most endangered species of python lay eggs and not just one snake but two. In 2004 we had our first taste of success in breeding the elusive Woma python when we hatched out one snake, in 2005 we had no eggs but in 2006 the formula must have been right because not only did we get 11 eggs from one snake we also got a second clutch of eggs from another female. Steve and Terri are committed to saving this species of snake they have even purchased huge tracts of land on the Brigalow Belt in central Queensland which is prime woma habitat. Hopefully with the Zoo's breeding efforts along with the protected habitat that has been set up hopefully we can save this wonderful and unique species of python.


The Brigalow form of Woma Python is in a lot of trouble! Land clearing and burning are the two major factors that are threatening the numbers of this snake in the wild. Australia Zoo is now the only facility in Australia to hold this form and we are extremely determined to breed and later release these snakes back into protected habitats. It would be absolutely devastating to lose this snake forever.

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Woma Python Profiles



Age: 36 Years (DOB 1/12/1983)

Sex: Male

Glen is a very inquisitive snake as he always tries to climb the keepers to check them out when they enter his home. He is a 'typical' Woma; so friendly and never bites. Glen shares his house with a gorgeous girl and one other male.