Robert Irwin Photo competition

Photography Competition Category Two:
Crikey! Kids

As an original category, Crikey! Kids provides youths with the opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for wildlife photography. The winning image will have a full-page feature in the 2021 Summer Edition of Crikey! Magazine. Photographs submitted to this category had to be portrait orientated and feature an animal, photographed anywhere in the world.


Crikey! Kids – Winning Image:

Winner: Caleb Robins (age 14)

‘Rainbow Wings’

These lively lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) regularly come down to our bird feeder. One day I was experimenting with different angles and composition, and got this unique photo that I was quite happy with. I love how this shot shows off their beautiful, rainbow colours!

Location: Warranwood, Victoria, Australia
Camera/Lens: Canon EOS 450D, Sigma 150-600mm lens

Highly Commended: Tyler Pratt (age 12)

‘Baby Coati’

A baby coati (Nasua narica) enjoys its afternoon playing around while bothering the adults. This baby was searching around for bugs on a rock that was absolutely perfect for pictures. I had been to this rock before hoping for a band of coatis and all the waiting paid off.

Location: Akumal, Mexico, America
Camera/Lens: Sony ILCE-7M3, FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS

Finalist: Aiden Cardoza (age 10)

‘Big or Small, They’re Important To Us All!’

Did you know there are over 23,000 types of grasshoppers? This southeastern lubber (Romalea guttata) is one of the most fascinating. They are important in helping grass growth in our ecosystem. Despite being small, they’re making a difference on our planet.

Location: Tampa, Florida, United States of America
Camera/Lens: Nikon Z7, Sigma 105mm macro lens

Finalist: Lavenna Lenzora (age 9)

‘The Lizard of Oz’

Watch out! You see a calm dragon on an ancient, volcanic, lichen-covered, granite stone. Take one step closer and he flares out his beard and charges you with his jagged, pointy teeth and forked tongue! The bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) has a role within his ecosystem like a fantasy!

Location: Northern Nevada, United States of America
Camera/Lens: iPhone 12 (on portrait mode)

Finalist: Federico Pereira (age 13)

‘Waiting for Nightfall’

A Montevideo tree frog (Hypsiboas pulchellus) is hiding between leaves of a plant, waiting for nightfall, when it will become more active. There are over 600 species of tree frogs found around the world. Most of them live in trees, although some are found in lakes, ponds and moist ground cover.

Location: San José, Uruguay, America
Camera/Lens: Nikon D3500, Nikkor 18-55mm f.3.5 – 5.6 lens