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Australia Zoo Exhibits Tiger Temple



Home to our majestic Sumatrans and Bengal tigers, the Tiger Temple provides an amazing opportunity for you to get up-close with these magnificent big cats.

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Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple

Our Tiger Temple is built to represent an ancient South-East Asian temple, with two massive Thai dogs at the entrance, several Balinese huts and bamboo galore!

With 80m of lush surroundings, the Tiger Temple is the perfect place for our big cats to run, play, and even have a swim! Australia Zoo's tiger handlers ensure our tigers stay entertained and enriched with stacks of toys and a large swimming pool for our water-loving cats to jump-in and make a splash all year round.

Everyday you can see our tigers swimming in the only underwater viewing enclosure for tigers in the Southern Hemisphere. How cool is that!

The Temple features glass on two sides for easy viewing, and a small grandstand so you can take your time watching our cheeky tigers get up to all kinds of mischief.

Come along and be part of the tiger action at Australia Zoo’s Tiger Temple!

Tiger Conservation

Tiger ConservationTiger populations throughout Asia have declined by 96 per cent, with less than 4000 individuals left in the wild. And with up to five tigers killed everyday, these magnificent creatures will not survive another decade.

Here's how you can help!

  • Sponsor Australia Zoo's Tiger Conservation Projects. Your money makes it possible for Sumatran Tiger Patrol Units to exist.
  • Book an Australia Zoo Tiger Encounter. Get up-close and personal with one of our magnificent tigers. Proceeds go directly towards protecting tigers in the wild.
  • Don't buy products containing tiger bones and body parts. When the buying stops- the killing will too.
  • Read labels when travelling.
  • Avoid purchasing wood products from countries where tigers inhabit.
  • Avoid purchasing food products containing palm oil. Palm oil plantations contribute heavily to the habitat destruction of Sumatran Tigers, orang-utans, Asian Elephants and other endangered animals.

Tiger Encounters

Tiger EncountersHave a go at this! You can take a morning walk with our drop-dead gorgeous tigers! Enjoy these awesome animals up close and personal – just you and your family or friends! Proceeds from the encounter go directly towards tiger conservation. Check it out!

Amazing Animals

Amazing AnimalsLearn more about tigers! We have lots of information about these amazing big cats on our Amazing Animals page. You can find out all about their habitat, diet, status in the wild, reproduction and more. Check it out!