Australasian Figbird close up to show green, grey and black feathers.

Australasian Figbird

Australasian Figbird

Check out Australia Zoo’s Australasian Figbird!

Australia Zoo’s Rainforest Aviary is home to some of the most spectacular birds on the planet, including the Australasian figbird! Keep your eyes peeled for these adorable fruit-loving figbirds.


Australasian Figbird in profile view to show head and wings.


The Australasian figbird is found throughout northern and eastern Australia, from the Kimberley in Western Australia through to the border of New South Wales and Victoria. They inhabit thick rainforests and suburban areas where there are plenty of fruit trees. Figbirds are omnivores, so they feed on fruit, berries and insects.


Australasian Figbird full body view as they stand on a feeder.


Australasian figbirds are identified by their olive-green body and greyish-black head. Males have a stunning red circle around their eyes, whereas females lack distinct facial markings.


Australasian Figbird standing on a feeder, colored a lighter grey-brown color.


Australasian figbirds are a thriving species in their Australian environment and are a species of least concern. Woo-hoo!

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    28 - 29 centimetres

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    128 - 130 grams

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    18 days