Black-footed Rock Wallaby crouched on the edge of a red rock.

Black-footed Rock Wallaby

Black-footed Rock Wallaby

Check out Australia Zoo’s Black-footed Rock Wallaby!

Introducing the mountaineers of Australia Zoo’s Roo Heaven! Our adorable black-footed rock wallabies can be spotted exploring their home and moving with ease amongst rocky refuges.  They can be a little shy and elusive, but, keep your eyes peeled because if you’re lucky, you might get the chance feed one of these mighty marsupials.


Black-footed Rock Wallaby crouched on the edge of a red rock looking out.


The black-footed rock wallaby is also known as a black-flanked rock wallaby. This is due to a black stripe that extends from between the ears to just below the shoulders. Frequenting the rocky outcrops and caves of South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, these mammals are perfectly adapted to life in these areas.


Black-footed Rock Wallaby crouched and cropped to show fur detail.


These gorgeous wallabies are very agile, with padded feet and a long tail for balance, enabling them to move nimbly and effortlessly through rocky terrain.  During early mornings and late afternoons, the black-footed rock wallaby will graze on grasses, shrubs and herbs to avoid the heat of the day. Female black-footed rock wallabies have the ability to pause the development of an embryo, waiting until environmental conditions are perfect before continuing development. Embryo development can be paused for weeks, months and, in extreme cases, up to two years. Crikey, that’s cool!


Black-footed Rock Wallaby crouched on the edge of a red rock from the back view.


The black-footed rock wallaby is preyed upon by dingoes and foxes. Habitat destruction is also a contributing factor to this beautiful animal’s current vulnerable status.

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    50 centimetres

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    3 - 7.1 kilograms

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    30 days

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