Black Tiger Snake wrapped in itself on the ground.

Black Tiger Snake

Black Tiger Snake

Check out Australia Zoo’s Black Tiger Snake!

Australia is home to some of the most impressive reptiles on the planet, including black tiger snakes! Don’t miss these venomous beauties during your visit to Australia Zoo.


Black Tiger Snake wrapped in itself on the ground showing the full snake.


Black tiger snakes are found throughout the southern regions of Australia and they vary in appearance depending upon exactly where they are from. This group of melanistic tiger snakes is made up of several sub species and, as such, individuals may range in colour from an obvious black to olive brown with a yellow banded body, while others can vary in shades of brown and even green.


Close up of the Black Tiger Snake's head.


The tiger snake is renowned for being highly venomous and this tends to give them a fearsome reputation.  In reality, these snakes are relatively shy and during hot weather will often seek cooler refuges under hollow logs and inside empty burrows.  For this reason, never unwittingly turn over logs or place your hands down burrows out of curiosity.  They are generally active during the day, but, in warmer weather often venture out at night looking for a feed.  On the menu are fish, frogs, reptiles, small mammals and birds.


Tiger snakes bear live young with the eggs being retained in the female until they are ready to hatch (ovoviporous) and whilst they can have up to 30 young they more commonly produce around 10 to 15 babies.  Crikey!


Close up of the Black Tiger Snake's head with tongue slightly out.


Although black tiger snakes are shy and bites are rare, they are often killed out of fear. They are naturally preyed upon by birds, including goshawks and kookaburras!  If you see any snake, remember to give it lots of space.

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    1 - 2.1 metres

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    Up to 3 kilograms

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    112-140 days