Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard

Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard

Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard

Check out Australia Zoo’s Eastern Blue-tongue Lizard!

Crikey! Get up close and personal with our eastern blue-tongue lizards, right here at Australia Zoo. Keep your eyes peeled for our Wandering Wildlife Team and you might be lucky enough to hold one of these sweethearts in your very own hands! You can also spot them in their Australian Lizard Exhibit, so keep your camera handy.


Blue Tongue Skink laying on a rock.


Did you know that blue-tongue lizards do in fact have a bright blue tongue? They use their blue tongue to bluff their predators into thinking they are dangerous.


If they feel threatened, they will flatten their body to enhance their size, let out a loud hissing sound and open their mouth to show off their big blue tongue! If all of this fails to intimidate, they do have the ability to lose their tail and run, however, this is an absolute last resort.  Over time, their tails will grow back, but, they are never quite the same.


Close up of a Blue Tongue Skink in the grass with their tongue out.


Eastern blue-tongue lizards are found throughout and grasslands and woodlands of eastern and northern Australia. They are highly adaptable to suburban living and are frequently spotted in backyards. Although they tend to frighten unsuspecting humans with their snake-like head, they are a great resident to have in your garden. They manage populations of pest species, like snails and slugs! Beetles, flowers, berries and leaves are also on the menu for these cute creatures. Blue-tongue lizards can give birth to up to 30 young at a time. Woo-hoo!


Blue Tongue Skink walking in the grass.


Due to their prevalence in suburban areas, they are sadly victims to domestic animal attacks and car strikes.

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    Up to 60 centimetres

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    Up to 300 grams

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    150 days