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Burmese Python

Burmese Python

Check out Australia Zoo’s Burmese Python!

Get up close with one of the world’s largest snake species, right here at Australia Zoo!  These impressive reptiles can be spotted showing off their sheer size and beauty in the Australia Zoo Burmese python exhibit.  On occasion, they can also be found out and about with our Wandering Wildlife Team.


Burmese Python in the grass.


Found throughout the forests of southern and south-east Asia, these giant reptiles are the fourth largest species in the world, capable of reaching weights of over 90 kilograms and over six metres long.  Crikey!  As juveniles, they are frequently spotted navigating tree tops, but as they grow and mature, they become a ground dwelling hunter.


Burmese Python in the grass close up on the head.


Burmese pythons are carnivores.  They have poor eyesight so will use the heat receptors on their lips and chemical receptors on their tongue to locate and ambush their prey, including pigs, goats, rodents and birds.  Despite the Burmese python enormous size, they are great swimmers and can hold their breath for half an hour.


Burmese Python's scales.


Due to their gorgeous, patterned scales, the Burmese python is frequently and unsustainably hunted for their skins.  They are a species in need of our support and are currently considered a vulnerable species.

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    Over 6 metres

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    Over 90 kilograms

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    60 - 90 days

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