Collets Snake wrapped around itself with their head laying on the rest of the body.

Collett's Snake

Collett's Snake

Check out Australia Zoo’s Collett’s Snake!

Fall in love with our spectacular Collett’s snake, right here at Australia Zoo. This venomous snake is undeniably beautiful and can be seen in our Reptile House – add it to your must-see list when you visit us!


Collets Snake skin up close to show scales.


Found throughout remote regions of inland Queensland, these snakes prefer to live in grassland, open scrubland and woodland areas. They are identified by their dark brown or black, stocky body and striking orange-pink patches on their sides and back.


Collets Snake up close to show the head with tongue out.


Although they are a highly venomous species of snake, they are very shy and will avoid humans as much as possible. If you’re lucky, during warmer months of the year, Collett’s snakes can be spotted seeking refuge from the harsh, arid sun inside hollow logs and deep cracks in the soil. During the darkness of night, they become an impressive, carnivorous hunter, preying upon small mammals, lizards, snakes and frogs!


Collets Snake slithering on the ground looking to the right.


The Collett’s snake is threatened by the ingestion of toxins from cane toads. Habitat destruction for farming is also on the increase and, therefore, hindering their survival. The species as a whole is currently of least concern.

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    Up to 2.5 metres

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    Up to 4 kilograms

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    56 days