Corn Snake slithering on a rock.

Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Check out Australia Zoo’s Corn Snake!

Get ready for cuteness overload here at Australia Zoo! Our corn snakes can be spotted out and about with our Wandering Wildlife Team, so keep your eyes peeled. You might be lucky enough to get up close and personal with these adorable USA natives.


Corn Snake with head off the rock and tongue out.


Found throughout the south-east regions of the United States, these gorgeous snakes live in a variety of environments including pine forests, woodlands and suburban areas. They are non-venomous and will hunt small mammals, including rodents, lizards and birds.


Body of a Corn Snake.


This gorgeous snake can vary in appearance, however, most individuals have a black and white checkered belly with orange and red blotches on their back. Corn snakes are small as far as reptiles are concerned, growing to be just 1.8 metres long!


Corn Snake with their tongue sticking out.


In order to survive in the wild, they have a very clever tool to deter any would be predators! Using leaf litter and the very tip of their tail, they imitate the sound of a highly venomous rattle snake. Crikey, that’s cool!

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    Up to 1.8 metres

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    0.8 - 1 kilogram

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    70 days